Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sharing The News, Needing Prayers....

I read the sad news last night on the forum that our sweet Kathy, (motherbee) is in the hospital. Said she was scheduled to have a stint on Monday but had another heart attack, so the doctors put it in last night. Said Kathy is alright, but very tired and sore. And she wanted to tell everyone that she loves you all so much, and hopes to be home soon so she can tell you all herself. Kathy is a sweetheart and has shared so many of her wonderful creations and even her awesome primitive home with us. I think everyone that meets her, rather online or in person, can't help but love her! Please remember to say a prayer for a speedy recovery for this very special lady! We love ya Kathy and hope you're back with us soon sweeties!

Hugs, Libby

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Faux Prim Hanging Tapers

I've posted this new tutorial on A Primitive Journey forum. Get over there and find out how to make these!

These are my new no sew, no wax, no dough, faux primitive grungy hanging tapers. These are quick n easy to make and can be done in colors! I think these are the perfect solution for those that can't sew or don't work with wax. Now you can make these yourself and they look so real. I'll have several variations for them later so go on over to APJ and find out how to do them.

While you're there, browse around at all the wonderful things the girls share. And feel free to jump in and share with others. Heidi, our Chat Organizer, from The Tole Hole, has some awesome chat tuts lined up for us and you won't want to miss those either! She has some awesome tuts, fun & games & prizes, trunk sales, and lots of other things planned for us in this new year. There's so much to learn, share, and pics to look at to inspire your prim decorating. And you won't want to miss the Gallery of Homes that these awesome ladies have shared with us. You are required to register (freely) to get into the forum, but you'll be so glad you did. Till next time....have fun crafting!

Hugs, Libby 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Good Wednesday morning everyone! During my time off I've been working on some new graphics and I'm seriously considering re-opening my freebie graphics site, "Lil' Sis Graphics." That was home to the very popular "Poodle Skirt Graphic" and folks from all over used that as it was so hard to find a good one on the net. My poodle graphic & skirt pattern was used in school dances, retro events, and costumes just to name a few. I had closed that due to health issues and not being able to keep up with all my sites at that time. But maybe I'll re-open and fill with new graphics, especially targeted for crafters? I haven't checked to see how many freebie graphic sites there are for crafters so it may be a waste of time, but I'll see as time permits. In the meanwhile I wanted to share some plaid backgrounds for you to use on anything you, blog, tags, whatever. And I'm also including a spice shelf that I have in several colors. I'll be posting some of these freebie graphics from time to time so if you can use them keep check on my blog. As usual feel free to use them however you wish, just don't claim them as your own....

And one of my new spice cabinets....

I'll be adding other graphics to mix/match with these so keep watch and have fun crafting!

Hugs, Libby

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mini Shoo-Fly Boards

These mini shoo-fly cover boards are the perfect answer to those having limited display space in the kitchen or just needing a small filler. These are quick, easy to make, and perfect for your small pantry cakes! I found these unfinished wood shapes I had stashed back, purchased from Wal-Mart, and were a quick fix.  You can cut/make your own in any design and make a small handle or drill a hole for a hanger.  Spray paint, age/distress, and sealed them.  I just love the pantry cakes and shoo-fly covers on the stove boards....they look 2 darn cute!

There are tons of recipes for the pantry cakes on the net and you can find your own favorite. And for the mini shoo-fly covers, here's a tutorial by Susie of Yankee Lane Primitives - blog for those. I love her creations and she's a very crafty girl!

So get busy and see what you can create! As always, have fun crafting!
Hugs, Libby

Friday, January 22, 2010

Those Wonderful Cookie Cutters

Good morning to all! I just wanted to talk a little this morning about another handy use for those cookie cutters. You'll not find my cutters in the kitchen but in my craft room. I get all my cutters from H. O. Foose Tinsmithing Co and collected antique ones from ebay, flea markets, just anywhere I can find them. I love the metal cutters from Foose as they have a large variety, offer mini cutters, and have a kit to make your own which is really easy to use. (No, I'm not affiliated with Foose in any way, just LOVE their cutters!) The majority of their cutters are standard 3" size but also have other sizes including the 1" mini's. The antique cutters you'll find are mostly larger with very unique shapes and details. I love using those for making some cute holiday patterns. Simply trace the cutter, scan to your puter and enlarge slightly or to what ever size you desire. Those make some of the cutest patterns for ornies, bowl fillers, or tucks! Cutters are also great for starting off your own stitchery doodles. Trace the cutter then fill in around it with your doodles making your own stitchery design. I love the old biscuit cutters as well, especially the ones with the fluted edges which is what I've used in this project.....

To make these cute jar toppers for my jar candles I poured a cookie sheet pan of wax, allowed it to cool where it was slightly warm, then used the fluted edge biscuit cutter to cut my toppers. Next I used the mini 1" cutters from Foose to cut out the centers, then allowed the wax toppers to cool completely. The candle jar toppers are so cute and easy to make. Just size up the antique biscuit cutters to the jars you'll make the toppers for. Make sure the cutter won't be too large. (The antique biscuit cutters are various sizes.) From a large cookie sheet pan I cut about 6 toppers from the center of the wax. The outer edges of the wax in the pan set up and get hard faster than the center. I put that excess wax back in my pot for the next pour. This same technique can be used to make the mini 3" pie toppers! Simply place a wick in the 3" pie tin and fill with desired color/scented wax. Allow wax to cool but not completely before adding the topper. Those are cute, quick n easy to make and no need for expensive molds! You can also make your own "handmade/designed pie toppers" such as the white one shown in pic above, and the homemade pie shells. But those are two separate tutorials yet to be posted. Those wonderful cookie cutters have soooo many uses! And when they're too old and rusty for use, simply tie homespun on them for hanging ornies! Have a prim tree in your kitchen? Try using the rusted mini cutters on twine for a cookie cutter garland to hang on your tree. Use Valentine shape cutters spray painted in red, white, and pink for your Valentine's Day tree ornies. Do the same for other holidays so you'll have a set for each. Anytime you get stumped for new creations just take a look at those cookie cutters and I'm sure you'll get lots of wonderful ideas for other new creations! As always....have fun crafting!

Hugs to all, Libby 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking Spring!

Good afternoon everyone and hope you've been busy creating new Spring crafts! I, like many others of you have had the "blahs" after the holidays. (I'm supposed to be taking some much needed time off, LOL!) So this morning I decided to burn one of my Coffee Cup Tart warmers to get my spirits lifted. I wanted some nice Spring smelling tarts so I chose "Cinnamon Spice" to get my creative juices flowing. (Yes, I love cinnamon scents too for Valentine's Day crafts.) I have many different kinds of tart warmers but I love the coffee cup warmers for my crafting rooms. They're the perfect desktop size and don't get in your way. Here's a pic of a large plain white cup warmer I'm using this morning...

And here's how they work with a tea light....

I have two types of these cup warmers too...

That one shows a cute Donut tart scented in Apple Jack & Peel. The other cup warmers I have like this one is a rounded cup but with same "Coffee" design. (Also notice that absolute doily I got from Rebecca at Rebecca's Creations! I just love her work, she is so talented and makes so many wonderful creations.) But burning my tarts really got my juices flowing and I'm working on a new project today for Spring, yippee! I also saw some things on the net I wanted to make this year for Spring, the Seed Packets. If you'll visit APJ forum (link in right side menu) you'll see where I've posted lots of links for those. There are printable templates for making your own and some have the seed packet graphics already on them. I think the Friendship Seed Packets and the Seed Packet hangers are so cute and prim, very easy to make! And after Valentine's Day is past I want to use them to make cute ornies for a Spring themed prim tree. Well, enough of my chattering for now....I have to get busy so go to the APJ forum and check out those links. Get your tart warmer going with your favorite Spring scented tarts to shed the Winter "blahs!" May everyone have a wonderful prim crafting day!

Hugs, Libby 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally Checking In Again, LOL!

Sorry everyone but my grand babies went back home yesterday. Daughter got moved into a nice place and I'm sure they're tickled pink with their new rooms and all! They're such little sweethearts but after having them about 3 weeks, hubs and I really needed the break, LOL!

I have a folder of more crafting tuts I'm working on changing to PDF files and going to add to the Tutorials when possible. But until I get those done/listed I wanted to let you know that Colleen from Harvest House Primitives - blog has posted some new freebie Valentine's Day graphics on her blog so be sure to go grab them! I'm going to have lots of fun with those and just love them all! Besides making more graphic sheets with them I was thinking they would look great printed on fabric for a nice Valentine's Day table setting of place mats, napkins, and runner! Then maybe grab an old basket type bowl to make a centerpiece with adding heart ornies, sweet annie, and such. Maybe print out a mixed graphic sheet on muslin squares and piece together to make some cute raggedy prim V-Day curtains for the kitchen? Then there's cute hot pads and kitchen towels that could be made for that too! And last but not least, don't forget the crocheted, braided, or sewn rag rugs! Plus you can always Mod Podge them on your prim tags for the ornies, make-do's, and other items you're making for Valentine's Day. Also decoupage them on cute V-Day shelves, jars, boxes......and the list goes on! Well I hope everyone has their thinking caps on today and are getting lots of great ideas for new V-Day items to make. As always.....have fun crafting!

Warm prim hugs to all, Libby

Update: Colleen also told me she had more V-Day graphics on her website, so be sure to get those also! Thanks so much Colleen, we truly appreciate your sharing heart!
Harvest House Primitives

Monday, January 4, 2010

More Tutorials Added

Good morning everyone! It's really cold here and getting a little more snow, brrrrrr! Like most of you I'm ready for warmer weather (Spring) to arrive, lol. I got 14 more tutorials added last night so if you visit the link you'll see them. Next I'll be working on adding some newer ones but still need to put them in pdf file format. I'll also be working on new blog backgrounds, graphic doodles for stitchery's, some re-purposed wood projects, and fabric patterns. I'll keep you updated as I post these things so till next time....keep warm, stay happy, and have fun crafting!

Warm hugs, Libby

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Finally Got It Started!

Yeah for me, I finally got the freebie tutorials started! (Of course I'm doing my happy dance!) I promised these a little while back and just now getting some posted. Sorry about that, but daughter has been moving and I'm watching both grand babies, (3 & 4 yrs old). With all that's been happening here lately I haven't had much computer time at all, especially when I'm watching them as they keep me on my toes, LOL!

If you look to the right side menu you'll see I've add a "Freebies" list, and "Tutorials" listed under it. This is where I'll be listing all my tutorials, (patterns included when applicable), graphics, and other freebies. So far I only have 12 of the tutorials on that link but I'll be adding to them as possible. As said before I'll be starting off with my older tuts before adding new ones. These are all mixed tuts so you'll need to browse through them to see what may interest you. The tutorials are shown on a web page but you can also download the .pdf files for them at the top of the page. As I add more tuts I'll be posting that information here on my blog. I'll also be adding various graphics at a later time and it will be listed under the "Freebies" link. In addition I want to start a monthly "Giveaway" but I'm still making plans for that. I hope everyone has enjoyed your holidays and wish to thank you for stopping by!

Warm prim hugs, Libby