Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Mini Gatherings

First I'd like to say I didn't forget about my blogs but I've been pretty sick, family issues, and trying to work on things in-between. I know you ALL know how that goes, LOL!

Here's some Mini Gatherings I've been working on as I could. They consist of a Stump doll (pattern by Simple Thyme Primitives) with a wood sign, a cupboard print, stacking (cedar shavings) pillows - measures 8" x 4", 6" x 4", and 4" x 4", and 2 black wax lambs grunged with spices. I've made six of these in all, and I'm working on another project with hopefully new freebie pattern.

I'll be placing these on my selling blog for a short time only, so if you find one you like grab it before they're gone. Now that I have these finished I'll get my other project completed with freebie pattern. As always, have fun crafting!

Hugs, Libby