Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tapers On Rod

From my last post you know I've been playing with the tapers on a rod. Many of you have inquired about purchasing them so here's your chance. Please note not all colors shown below, and I'm still making more colors.

First I'll describe them as best I can.....I have the longest rod that holds 24 tapers (beeswax tapers are shown). All tapers are 9-1/2" long. The mid-size rod holds 12 tapers then the regular 12" rod holds 6 tapers. My tapers can be ordered in the color/scent of your choice. Please note prices DO NOT include shipping, and I only charge actual shipping. You'll need to contact me (look for my e-mail button on right side menu) with the size, wax type, color, scent, and grunge or plain options. Please allow a week for tapers to be shipped as I always make my candle creations fresh on order. There is a limited supply of beeswax tapers and are on a first come, first serve basis. Here are the taper options.....

Natural beeswax (yellow) (shown)
Black  (not shown)
Brown (shown)
Ivory  (not shown)
Burgundy (shown)
Red  (shown)
Antique Yellow (a beeswax yellow) (not shown)
Cupboard Blue (not shown)

Please find my available scent list here or request one -

Plain (shown - all tapers) or grunged.......Here's a sample pic of my grunged nubbies. These are a brown color wax with grunge applied. If choosing a grunged set of taper candles, the taper color will show through the grunge.

24 Beeswax Tapers on rod SOLD, thank you!
 24 Beeswax tapers on a rod (only one set available at this time) is $85 plus shipping. These beeswax tapers are scented in Cinnamon Sticks. 24 Candle wax tapers on a rod are $75 plus shipping.

12 Beeswax tapers SOLD, thank you!
12 Beeswax tapers on a rod are $40 plus shipping. 12 Candle wax tapers on a rod are $35 plus shipping.

6 Beeswax tapers SOLD, thank you!
6 Beeswax tapers on a 12" rod are $20 plus shipping. 6 Candle wax tapers on a 12" rod are $15 plus shipping. 

6 Beeswax tapers:

6 Brown candle wax tapers:

6 Burgundy candle wax tapers:

6 Red candle wax tapers:

If you need a particular size rod with a certain amount of hanging tapers I can do that too. When contacting me remember to include your size, wax type, color, scent, and plain or grunge selections. Also, my net service has been out due to storms. We do have more storms coming so it may take a little to hear from me. I will answer asap and I'm usually very prompt in doing so. My heart goes out to all of those that were in this recent storm's path, you're in my thoughts n prayers. Sending you all safety and well wishes.
Warm prim hugs, Libby

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally Got Them Made!

Yippeeee for me, I finally got the long rod tapers made! This rod is holding 24 beeswax tapers and of course they could be spaced out a little more if desired. I'm also making a shorter one that holds 12 tapers, and of course you've seen the one where I have 6 tapers on a 12" rod. I've been making lots of tapers in various prim/colonial colors and will post pics of those too. Having a lot of fun with these and think they're all turning out great. Just click on pic to view larger size.

We're having much warmer weather and I'm loving it! Should have a high of 67 tomorrow and that will definitely bring the frogs out so we can hear them!? Sure hope so anyway, lol! I've had my hands in lots of projects and enjoying them all. I know this is a busy time of year for all crafters so hope everyone's having fun and getting ready for your Spring shows. Have work to do so going to get busy but wanted to show you these new tapers quickly. Till next time have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Few Projects......

Hi all, sorry it's been a while but I have have been busy. Also, like many of you, hubs and I had the nasty flu bug going round. Much better now and back to crafting. I wanted to share with you a few things I've been making.

First up is a prim bird make-do, pattern by Sassafras Hill Primitives, that holds a pintado heart which hangs by a wire. My red bird has felt stitched wings and a few prim buttons for embellishments, and is sitting on an old rusty spring. Although pic don't show it, he has been stained and baked.

Next I have Ms Valentine Mousie. She stands on an old zinc lid, has a cute mob cap and holds a small hand sewn heart that has lace and a rusty heart on top. Mousie sports a wire tail with small rusty bell on the end. Mouse pattern by Olde Road Primitives (if memory serves me correctly, lol).

I have also been making some heart make-do's. The first is a patch-work print that has been stained and baked, has a rusty pinned stained muslin label that says "Be Mine." Tucked in the label are some Sweet Annie sprigs and antique white pip berry stems with rusty bells. Heart sits in an old rusty spring.

This second make-do heart has a nice red print fabric that has been stained and baked. It has a rusty pinned muslin stained label that says "Be Mine." The muslin label hold a small bouquet of red roses. The heart also has a small clothespin that holds a stained cut out vintage Valentine. Heart sits in an old rusty spring.

Also wanting to make some Spring goodies I made Ms Spring-thyme Mousie. Mouse pattern by Olde Road Primitives (if I'm not badly mistaken). Ms Spring-thyme Mouse sits atop an old zinc lid, has a lil' straw sunhat with lace around top, holds a watering can (wood) and some Spring flowers. Flowers are made of wire, buttons, and felt. Mousie also has a wire tail with rusty bell on end.

I'll be showing more creations shortly, and thanks for looking! Till next time, I hope you have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libs