Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas To You & Yours!

Hi all, it's been a while since my last post but wanted to hop on here and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Also wanted to share with you a wonderful forum for crafters! It's "The Crafter's Nestled Nook" and is for ALL CRAFTING STYLES! Doesn't matter if you're into Country, Prim/Colonial, Folk Art, Vintage, Rustic, Shabby, or any other crafting style, there's something for everyone. It's filled with tutorials, patterns, how-to's, recipes, just too much to mention. Then under each crafting style category, there's special boards for holiday crafts, painting, wood, wax, sewing, dough, and many others. New tut links for the various categories are posted very often. So what ever your crafting pleasure come visit us, we'd love to have you! We also share pics of our projects, help each other with problems/questions/techniques, and have everyday chit-chat for whatever's on our minds. There's too much to mention here so come over and join the fun!


And, The Crafter's Nestled Nook has a new free online magazine filled with lots of goodies. The next issue will be available in March 2013. Maybe you would like to share one of your tutorials, recipes, how-to's, or write an article and get free advertising? We invite you to come on over and join us. See the link to the magazine in top left menu. This links takes you to The Crafter's Nestled Nook blog where you can view and/or download the magazine. While you're visiting the blog grab some freebie graphics too!


Before closing today I'd like to say I hope all of you crafters out there have had a wonderful and prosperous year with your blogs, websites, and craft shows! Wishing an even better one for next year! Till next time, keep warm, stay safe, and be blessed!

Hugs to all, Libby

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pantry Sacks & De-Stashing

I've been busy working on four pantry sacks and I'm creating new vintage labels at the same time, lol! Was thinking I'd do a tutorial on making the vintage labels? Will have to take time, think, and see if I can make it fairly easy and NOT complicated. But back to the subject of the pantry sacks, these measure 6-3/4" wide by 10-1/2" long. I made these with drawstrings and only have the labels laying on the sacks, they're not sewn on yet. I've always loved the pantry sacks, ditty bags, or any pouch type something to hang around and tuck other goodies in, lol! These are the aged muslin and the labels are made to look aged too. I plan on making some without the fabric labels and just printed on the sacks at a later time. When I do I'll share the graphics I make for them so you can make your own as well. Enough chattering, here's two of the sacks and still needing to get the labels done for the other two....

And as most of you know, I've been going through and thinning out my crafting supplies and personal collections for some time now. Hubby says keep only those things I'll use for the house and only those things I'll be working with in the near future (giggles), and I agree. I've done so much already but still have a long way to go. But I do have the first load of pics ready and will be adding more shortly. I'm starting with some of my crafting supplies but will also be adding other treasures I've bought for priming the house, but know now that I won't be using. So if you're interested take a look and keep watch here as you never know what I'll be listing next. Remember to bookmark that page so you can keep up with what I'm listing. It's all on a first come, first serve basis. I'm just taking pics and listing things as I go through them. It's past time for me to thin these things out and you'll find some fantastic deals.

I know this is a very busy time of year for all crafters. Some of you girls have Fall & Winter shows lined up and getting ready for those. Some of you have stores you have to stock with your handmade goodies. Just want to say, try to take a little "me" time during all this and relieve some of that stress. I'm wishing you all the very best with these busy seasons! Till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Goodies....

So many of you, my online friends and acquaintances, have contacted me inquiring about the goodies I make and when my web site will be opened. I'll still be a while getting the site finished so till then you can check my other blog for my handmade goodies, "Rusty Shed Crafts." (I've added the link button on the top right side menu.) Please contact me through that blog for any of those goodies. And I still have a few things to be added there so if what you've inquired about isn't showing yet, keep watch as I will list it. I truly need to get my site finished but I have so many other things on the priority list. I know I'll have to take time out and get this done, lol! I'm also working on so many seasonal items, both hand-mades and wax creations. And as most of you that know me, know that I'll also throw in some everyday items too, lol! I love the seasonal goodies but always value those things we can use everyday in our homes. If you've seen something I've posted here or on the forums and don't see it on my other blog then contact me and I'll add it. I thank you all so very much for your feedback and inquiring about my creations. And here's a sneak peek of a "Colonial Bonnet Stand" I made.....


Displaying bonnets....

I hope you've enjoyed visiting with me today! Till next time, have fun crafting!
Prim hugs to all, Libby

Monday, September 3, 2012

Time For Pumpkins!

I'm sure you all know how I LOVE Summer and wished it could stay longer, lol! Seeing the leaves turn and falling lets me know I have to give in and accept Fall is here. Maybe not in it's full glory but it is here. One of my favorite things for Fall are those wonderful pumpkins! Why?, cause you can display them so many ways and they can be used from the beginning of Fall, all the way through Thanksgiving! By simply changing a few things in your gathering, the same pumpkin can be used for everyday Fall, then changed for fun Halloween time, then changed again for Thanksgiving. Now how simple and easy is that!

Anyway, we're having a Fall Centerpiece challenge on "The Crafter's Nestled Nook" forum and for mine I've created a pumpkin. It's another plain and simple pumpkin but this year I wanted more real-looking leaves, and this is what I think made the plain-jane pumpkin turn out nice. First I searched the web for real pumpkin leaf images and when I found one I liked, I made a pattern from it. I have them in 3 different sizes to put on top of the pumpkins, large, medium, and small. I wanted the pumpkin body to be smooth but wanted the leaves to be more coarse and rugged. So here's how my pumpkin turned out (and please note this IS NOT my centerpiece pic, lol).....


I'll be sharing the pumpkin leaf tutorial soon. If you love creating your own goodies, regardless of crafting style, come over and join us at  "The Crafter's Nestled Nook." This forum is for crafters of all crafting styles and there's so many tutorials/links to explore. Have fun with us and show us your Fall Centerpiece, we'd love to see what you've created! Till next time my prim friends, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Second One....

I'm so excited! (Giggles!) I've been working on making some of the gingy dolls from Sweet Meadows Farm pattern, "Cookies Anyone?" and just love how they're coming along! I have 5 dolls made but only 2 of them are finished, so still 3 more to go! I loved how the first one (in red) turned out, then after getting the 2nd one done, I like her just as well. I think these cute lil gingy dolls have attitude, lol! Maureen tells you to make different facial expressions and that's what I'm doing with mine. The 2nd finished doll (blue dress) is pouting and just melts your heart! I'll keep the pics rolling as I finish my dolls. One of my dreams is to create a prim/colonial "child's room" and these dolls will be right at home there!

First doll....

Second doll....

And I just love the lil Windsor chair she's sitting in! Got that from a sweet girl named Renee. Hope to post pic of another finished doll in a day or so. Keep watch and till next time....Have Fun Crafting!
Warm prim hugs, Libs

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back To Crafting!

Yeah! I'm finally back to crafting and lovin every minute of it! Daughter is finally back home and I've been enjoying the past couple weeks with getting back into my crafts. I've had so much fun working up some patterns I had to put on the back burner but will share pics with you. I'll try to re-cap and post pics of everything I've worked on, so be patient, lol!

First, and I dearly LOVE this new pattern, I have a Primitive (dried) Pineapple. The pattern is by Willow Creek Crossing and is totally awesome! These pineapples are a must for any prim/colonial decor and look fantastic any where you display them! They are 13" tall and look much like the real fruit. (If interested in anything listed below contact me and I'd be happy to make it for you.)

I also made the cutest Day Cap from this link: I made mine plain for more of a colonial look, without the ruffles n lace. I made this using #60 grade cheesecloth and think it turned out pretty good if I say so myself, lol!

I've had a bonnet pattern by Kathy of My Primitive Saltbox for some time and wanted to try it, so these "Buggy Bonnets" were next.....

And a close-up of the detail....(over look my crafting area mess, I'm still getting things set up, lol).

After those I decided I wanted to make a bonnet peg board to hang all the bonnets I'm making on it. So the slat style bonnet was next in line. After making this one I discovered this style bonnet will look much better done in the lighter prints or plain muslin to show the slat stitching detail. This pattern is a net freebie, just look up slat bonnet and you'll find it. I have other style bonnets I'll be making to hang on my bonnet peg board and will show those later.

I love the slat style bonnets and maybe you can see more detail in this pic....

And since I'll be working on some grapevine wreaths I made some adorable sunflower ornies to add on. (I have the freebie pattern for these in my share box.) I love how these turned out as I love the raggedy edge look to the sunflowers, plus they're the perfect size to use as embellishments (as I was doing) or for bowl filler - shelf tucks. Ladies I'm so sorry! Forgot to add the pattern in with the tut. I've uploaded the pattern in my share box, "so.jpg" so save that to your puter then print full page size. If you have problems getting it from the share box, you can also get it here:  
Sorry about that!

Next I created a large 18" Sunflower Door/Wall Hanger pattern (thanks to a special friend) and this is a pic of the sample....(please note this is a sample pic only and this sunflower hanger will have other embellishments when completed....I'll post pics of that later)........

And last pic I'll show for today is this adorable "Cookies Anyone?" gingy doll by Sweet Meadows Farm. I've had this pattern for some time too and just now getting around to making it, but I LOVE these adorable gingy dolls with attitude, lol! I have four more waiting for clothing, each with different facial expressions, and will have different color clothing. I've hand painted the faces except for stitching the nose. (The pattern calls for stitching other facial features but I painted them instead.) The completed doll measures 13" tall and is a must for any "gingy" lover/collector!

It's been so long since my last blog post and I am excited being back with my crafts, so keep watch for more creations as I complete them and share my tutorials. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libs

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Interface & Giveaway....

Well it's been a while again, LOL! So how is everyone liking this new blogger interface....having any problems? Most of us don't like change (especially just when we're getting used to something) and I'm included. It will take some time to get used to this new look but as long as I can do the basic functions I'll be happy, lol! And all my friends know I STILL haven't got the swing of FaceBook down, (I'm on the floor and know my friends are too). But I wanted to take time and see what everyone's into and mention my upcoming giveaway. (Yip, I'm LONG overdue for that!)

I also want to say how happy I am for a friend that just gave me some GREAT news! Sorry, but I won't mention any names or give away her special moment. GF I was so happy when you told me and I'm doin a happy dance with you! But I KNEW you could do it, always have, never a doubt in my mind! You & hubby are fantastic!

Now for my long overdue giveaway....
I've been shopping again for some goodies that I'm putting together. I'll post pics of things later, but will let you know I'm putting together a mix of Prim/Colonial things for it that I think anyone can enjoy having. And as you all know, my entry requirements are always simple. I'm looking to do this around the first of next week so keep an eye on my blog for all that.

Some of you know that my hubby is gone on a fishing tournament that he finally qualified for. I have to admit, I'm like a lost pup! We've been married 32 yrs last Feb but I STILL miss him every day he goes out to work, just as I did when we were first married. We're seldom apart so I hate it when he leaves. I'm cheering him on, praying for his safety, yet wishing he were here, lol! We have the grand babies here and going to school, so I have a lot to keep me busy and preoccupied even though I'm still a mess. The babies are doing great in school and will graduate K on the 22nd of this month! I can only imagine how cute they will be in their little caps & gowns! And of course I'll try to get lots of pics. Will hush for now but will give updates on my giveaway early next week. I do hope everyone's having fun crafting and getting ready for all those shows!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libby

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giveaways & Working....

I know it's been a while so needed to get this blog updated, lol! First I'd like to share with you about two awesome giveaways. Don't miss either one so read on and check them out (link on right side menu)!....

At "The Crafter's Nestled Nook," the girls are having a "Mother's Day Giveaway" and you can read about it and get in for your chance to win here: . Deb is adding pics of the giveaway items so keep watch as they're awesome goodies there!

And at "The Primitive Pantry," Kathy (aka: mums) is having an "April Celebration Giveaway" and you can join in on that one here: .  Kathy has her big giveaways once a year in April so go over and find out what/why, plus see pics of all the goodies there!

Those are some awesome giveaways and I know you ladies/gents won't want to miss out! Besides, who would want to pass up a chance to win loads of prim/colonial goodies for free?

As for me, most of you know I have my two grand babies staying with me and going to school. My little angels are so hyper and I just don't have the juice I once had, lol, so I'm getting very little done. But I have been working on my web site (which I hope to open soon) and here are a few goodies I've worked on and/or will be adding to that site....

First, I made a set of grungy hanging tapers for a very sweet and patient lady (won't mention any name). I'll be offering the grungy and regular hanging tapers on rod on my site. I've got such wonderful feedback on these tapers and hope all you girls are enjoying them! These are brown grunge tapers....

I also have some cute n prim/colonial stump dolls....

I made some new Flameless Butterfly Shell candles (which is offered in The Crafter's Nestled Nook giveaway).  These are adorable and come with optional glitter on butterfly, and include cord/bulb. Color choice and scent options are available.....

I've also been asked many times about my "Coffee" cup tart warmers so I'll have the last few on them on my web site as well.......

I've also made some prim carrots to go with my lil' bunnies. The carrots are 8" long not including the Sweet Annie stems which are almost as long as the carrots. Love how these turned out and I've placed them in one of my trenchers made by Kay & hubby. They make a wonderful team and I love all my goodies from them. Thanks you two, the trencher sure makes my carrots look great!

I'll also be listing lots of miscellaneous items in my Needfuls page like this antique coffee grinder. I have two different ones up for grabs, and this one is a "Pe De Dienes" tabletop grinder......

That's about it for me, just trying to craft and work on web site as I can. Still arranging space here at the house to make things better for us all, lol. Hope everyone has been busy crafting and having fun! And you ladies keep us updated on those Spring shows. We know they're lots of hard work behind them and love to hear about it!
Prim hugs to all, Libs

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kathy - My Primitive Saltbox

Kathy I stand to be corrected and I do apologize to you! The NAP TIME BUNNIES pattern is by Kathy of My Primitive Saltbox. Yesterday ladies I had posted that the pattern was by Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm but Kathy caught my mistake. Kathy I do hope you forgive me for that mistake in my last post. I purchase patterns from lots of you girls and had got 7 from Kathy, including her Nap Time Bunnies. I always try to give the artist credit for their creation(s) but yesterday I got my list of papers mixed up. I had Kathy's list of patterns on top of my stack cuz that's what I was working with, but had moved it. Then when I posted about the bunnies I listed the name on the next list (which was Maureen Mill's) instead of Kathy's. So Kathy I'm terribly sorry about doing that and do apologize.

Thank you Kathy for this most adorable pattern!
Hugs Libs

Friday, March 2, 2012

Found More!

WoooHooo! Was digging through crafting supplies and found a little more beeswax! I had enough for 18 more tapers! The original ones in previous post have sold but am listing 3 more sets of 6 - beeswax tapers on a 12" rod. Remember I can put my other wax tapers on a rod also and you can choose the color/scent for those, or if you want them grunged or plain. I'll only be running these a few more days then you won't see them again till my web site is open so take advantage of these now!

6 - Beeswax Tapers On A 12" Rod - $20 each set. Only 3 2 sets available!  These tapers will be lightly scented in Cinnamon Spice. Or you can choose a taper color, scent, grunged or plain (from previous post below) and choose from 24 tapers, 12 tapers, or 6 tapers on a rod. Contact me with my e-mail button on the right side menu with your choices. Special orders also accepted.

These won't last long so get yours now. I also welcome any questions.

To all of those affected by the recent storms please know you're in our thoughts & prayers.
Sending big warm prim hugs to all, Libs

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tapers On Rod

From my last post you know I've been playing with the tapers on a rod. Many of you have inquired about purchasing them so here's your chance. Please note not all colors shown below, and I'm still making more colors.

First I'll describe them as best I can.....I have the longest rod that holds 24 tapers (beeswax tapers are shown). All tapers are 9-1/2" long. The mid-size rod holds 12 tapers then the regular 12" rod holds 6 tapers. My tapers can be ordered in the color/scent of your choice. Please note prices DO NOT include shipping, and I only charge actual shipping. You'll need to contact me (look for my e-mail button on right side menu) with the size, wax type, color, scent, and grunge or plain options. Please allow a week for tapers to be shipped as I always make my candle creations fresh on order. There is a limited supply of beeswax tapers and are on a first come, first serve basis. Here are the taper options.....

Natural beeswax (yellow) (shown)
Black  (not shown)
Brown (shown)
Ivory  (not shown)
Burgundy (shown)
Red  (shown)
Antique Yellow (a beeswax yellow) (not shown)
Cupboard Blue (not shown)

Please find my available scent list here or request one -

Plain (shown - all tapers) or grunged.......Here's a sample pic of my grunged nubbies. These are a brown color wax with grunge applied. If choosing a grunged set of taper candles, the taper color will show through the grunge.

24 Beeswax Tapers on rod SOLD, thank you!
 24 Beeswax tapers on a rod (only one set available at this time) is $85 plus shipping. These beeswax tapers are scented in Cinnamon Sticks. 24 Candle wax tapers on a rod are $75 plus shipping.

12 Beeswax tapers SOLD, thank you!
12 Beeswax tapers on a rod are $40 plus shipping. 12 Candle wax tapers on a rod are $35 plus shipping.

6 Beeswax tapers SOLD, thank you!
6 Beeswax tapers on a 12" rod are $20 plus shipping. 6 Candle wax tapers on a 12" rod are $15 plus shipping. 

6 Beeswax tapers:

6 Brown candle wax tapers:

6 Burgundy candle wax tapers:

6 Red candle wax tapers:

If you need a particular size rod with a certain amount of hanging tapers I can do that too. When contacting me remember to include your size, wax type, color, scent, and plain or grunge selections. Also, my net service has been out due to storms. We do have more storms coming so it may take a little to hear from me. I will answer asap and I'm usually very prompt in doing so. My heart goes out to all of those that were in this recent storm's path, you're in my thoughts n prayers. Sending you all safety and well wishes.
Warm prim hugs, Libby

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally Got Them Made!

Yippeeee for me, I finally got the long rod tapers made! This rod is holding 24 beeswax tapers and of course they could be spaced out a little more if desired. I'm also making a shorter one that holds 12 tapers, and of course you've seen the one where I have 6 tapers on a 12" rod. I've been making lots of tapers in various prim/colonial colors and will post pics of those too. Having a lot of fun with these and think they're all turning out great. Just click on pic to view larger size.

We're having much warmer weather and I'm loving it! Should have a high of 67 tomorrow and that will definitely bring the frogs out so we can hear them!? Sure hope so anyway, lol! I've had my hands in lots of projects and enjoying them all. I know this is a busy time of year for all crafters so hope everyone's having fun and getting ready for your Spring shows. Have work to do so going to get busy but wanted to show you these new tapers quickly. Till next time have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Few Projects......

Hi all, sorry it's been a while but I have have been busy. Also, like many of you, hubs and I had the nasty flu bug going round. Much better now and back to crafting. I wanted to share with you a few things I've been making.

First up is a prim bird make-do, pattern by Sassafras Hill Primitives, that holds a pintado heart which hangs by a wire. My red bird has felt stitched wings and a few prim buttons for embellishments, and is sitting on an old rusty spring. Although pic don't show it, he has been stained and baked.

Next I have Ms Valentine Mousie. She stands on an old zinc lid, has a cute mob cap and holds a small hand sewn heart that has lace and a rusty heart on top. Mousie sports a wire tail with small rusty bell on the end. Mouse pattern by Olde Road Primitives (if memory serves me correctly, lol).

I have also been making some heart make-do's. The first is a patch-work print that has been stained and baked, has a rusty pinned stained muslin label that says "Be Mine." Tucked in the label are some Sweet Annie sprigs and antique white pip berry stems with rusty bells. Heart sits in an old rusty spring.

This second make-do heart has a nice red print fabric that has been stained and baked. It has a rusty pinned muslin stained label that says "Be Mine." The muslin label hold a small bouquet of red roses. The heart also has a small clothespin that holds a stained cut out vintage Valentine. Heart sits in an old rusty spring.

Also wanting to make some Spring goodies I made Ms Spring-thyme Mousie. Mouse pattern by Olde Road Primitives (if I'm not badly mistaken). Ms Spring-thyme Mouse sits atop an old zinc lid, has a lil' straw sunhat with lace around top, holds a watering can (wood) and some Spring flowers. Flowers are made of wire, buttons, and felt. Mousie also has a wire tail with rusty bell on end.

I'll be showing more creations shortly, and thanks for looking! Till next time, I hope you have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libs

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Crafters Nestled Nook

I wanted to share this new "crafting" forum with all you crafting ladies (and gents) out there!

The Crafters Nestled Nook - What we are about....

We are a crafting community.
We are here to help all styles of crafting, find, what you are looking for, to learn, share tutorials, teach, share finished items and much more.
We have just opened and it is free to join.
It is a private forum , but all are approved.
So many want to learn, share, and help others to design, craft, and much more.
This is the place to do it.
It is not like a lot of the forums, it is just a sharing and learning center.
We do not have mandatory posting.
It is a convenience to help, whomever, needs it and to try to share new things that we might want to learn how to.
Stop by and sign up, again, it is free to join. Click on the logo above to take you to the forum.

Just trying to get my crafting mojo back myself, I've found this very helpful and full of tuts that are "new to me." I've also been wanting to explore other crafting mediums/areas and there's a little of every style here. So come join the fun in learning, sharing, and creating!

Till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all Libs

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If You Can't Beat Them.....

"If you can't beat them, then join them." Giggles, that includes the weather! I've enjoyed several Spring-like days but the forecast is bringing us in some snow. Since I can't change the weather I may as well enjoy it, right? (At least try anyway.) Don't mean to complain, I just don't like the cold.

This evening I have several things to chat about. First, I got somewhat of a display working till I get more needful things made for the kitchen. I put the plate rack over the crock stand and so far everything is okay, but I can't display all my pewter plates so need a larger one. I'm keeping it there and will change out the prim goodies later, but for now here is what I have (and notice all my wonderful pestles).

My pestles came from Kay and her hubby Jerry. They're a wonderful team and make all kinds of awesome goodies! (Including the smaller trencher on the second shelf -which you can't see too well in this pic.) My pestles are all different shapes, sizes, and designs. Once I get all my kitchen displays settled the way I want/need things, I'll take lots of close up pics so you can see the awesome detail in them. After finishing the shelf, I started working on a pattern by Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm. Although I got about 9 of her patterns the first one I chose to work on was "Mood Swing." From the first time I saw this pattern I LOVED it and just had to have it. (Thank you Maureen for all your wonderful patterns!) I didn't have all the supplies I needed so had to improvise on a couple of them. Here's my finished dolls and think they turned out pretty good. Next I'll be making a bench for them....

Aren't these completely adorable and so funny! I just love the "smug" expressions on their faces, LOL! Included in the pattern are complete instructions for making even their cute lil' purses! Every time I pass by and see them I can't help but giggle! And no, I'm not associated with Maureen or Sweet Meadows Farm in any way. But you should know by now when I really like something I have to share, and I just love these dolls! I'll take more pics after their bench is made and try to bring out some details.

With all the storms coming our way I hope you all stay safe n warm. Till next time "have fun crafting!"
Hugs to all, Libs

Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Thyme! - Baby It's Cold Outside!

I've been watching the snow flakes flying outside today. I really hate the cold weather and even though the snow is so beautiful, I'm still wishing for Spring to hurry and arrive. (Hey, I can dream can't I?)

Have some new patterns I'm working on today and can't wait to get some of them finished! If you'll remember a while back I bought some of Maureen Mill's patterns of Sweet Meadows Farm. I never got the chance to dig into them but starting on them now! I won't get these done as quickly cuz I'm working on the house too. Finally trying to get this place primed up! But I've found myself having to stop and make things I needed. One such thing is a new crock stand, fashioned after Lee Hill Primitives tutorial. I loved her tut and wanted to make me one ever since I first saw her's! I'm very pleased with the way it's turned out, but please note I don't have it decorated yet. I merely grabbed a few things trying to see which items I wanted to go with on it....

I'll take a pic soon when I have it all finished with my goodies. Also, that's a black plate rack I got from sweet Marla and just love it! It's getting hung over the crock stand. And yes, I'm definitely toning down that "big bird" yellow on my walls, LMBO! But I'll share more pics as things start coming together.

Another thing I've been working on is the fake fireplace hubs made for me last year. I wanted a floor level surround but he couldn't quiet grasp that concept and made the firebox up off floor level. So I had him make alterations to it and add a hearth. It will do for now till I have time to make the one I really want. It still isn't finished either, it needs the top trim put on and paint touch ups here and there, and a hole drilled for the electric logs cord. I'll also share more pics as it comes together. And if you look closely at the bottom left in front of the firkins, you'll see my "saltbox thermostat cover" I'm working on too! Don't have the top (roof) painted or the house design, but of course will be sharing all these things as they get done.

This place is a mess with things laying around everywhere, lol! But I have to have them out so I can decide what I'm going to put where.

Hubs just came home with my extra muslin fabric so I need to get busy. Wishing you all a very blessed and beautiful day, and keep warm! Till next time....have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libs