Sunday, November 13, 2011

What A Job!

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a while (again!), but as most know I've been cleaning, moving, rearranging, and de-hoarding all my stuff, LOL! Some time back, I had got another outside storage bldg from my nephew. (Bless his heart!) So I decided to set up and separate my crafting areas. Little did I know just what a job this would be! And while going through some of the "stuff" I'm beginning to believe son & hubs were right about me being a "hoarder!" (Shameless to say.) It got to the point where it's just too hard to sort things and have them in their proper place. Instead I have them scattered and boxed everywhere. (Come on girls, I know some of you can identify with me on this one!) Things being this out of hand cuts down on crafting time, as we all know, so I'm cleaning and rearranging things. With all this I'm sorting through things and thinning them out, so I'm having a "Yard Sale" and you can look for various things to be listed at Rusty Shed Crafts shortly.

And since I've been slack on my blog and crafting fun, I'm gearing up for another giveaway. I'll be listing more information about that later but as always, entries will be simple. I got very close to having my new tutorial site finished but that was delayed too. Hopefully I can get to that soon as there's lots of quick n easy, last minute ideals for simple crafts. And you never know when one thing might inspire you for a whole new creation.

I've been looking around as I can, at all the wonderful new creations and patterns some of you have made, and I love all that I'm seeing!  There's such awesome talent out there and I love seeing other's work/creations. Seems like everyone's been extra busy this year and hope you all enjoy a wonderful season with your goodies! Till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libs

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Busy Season!

Hi all, just wanted to share a few thoughts this morning. So many of you are and will be into the crafting shows during this season and wanted to say I hope you all have a wonderful season of shows! You've been working very hard throughout the year and most will continue up to your last show. I always love looking at your booths and can't wait to see all the pics that will be posted on your blogs!

I have a little something to share with you and hope you'll have fun making it. I've added my Strawberry Shortcake Candle tutorial in my share box, it's the "ssc.pdf" file. I've used 2 molds in that tutorial which I got from Ginger at FlexibleMolds. And Ginger was so very nice to give me permission to use her molds in my tutorial, so THANK YOU GINGER! (And please note I'm not affiliated with Ginger or FlexibleMolds in any way, I just love her adorable molds! And she has a very large collection to choose from so be sure to check out her site!) These candles are easy and simple to make and I'm encouraging you to take your imagination even further by creating other wonderful candles, so check out that tutorial! And of course all my tutorials are always free. I hope to encourage other crafters to play with wax, giggles, but for those of you who haven't ventured in that area yet, I have posted other tutorials in my share box.

I'm currently working on getting my web store site back up and running plus crafting as I go. I'll be posting new tuts as possible, some wax tuts and some sewing, really just a mix of what ever I'm into at the time. And like most of you, I'm also dealing with everyday family life as I go so please bare with me. I know you all understand that one. I'm very close to posting my new Tutorial site too where I'll list all my tuts, links to some very good ones by other crafters, recipes, and tips & tricks. I'll be posting it here and give the link once it's finished. I'm also working on those wonderful patterns I got from Maureen M at Sweet Meadows Farm! Can't wait to get those finished and show pics, just love all her creations!

As said previously I know most of you are very busy and will be for the rest of the year. I do wish you all the very best crafting show season yet, and hope you get to see some old friends and new ones as well. Don't stress and get plenty of rest! Take lots of pics of your booths this year as we all wanna see! And till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libs

Friday, September 16, 2011

What Do You Create For.......

Good morning to all, woke up to a chilly 46 degree this morning....brrrrr! Hope you're enjoying this "Fall Weather" we seem to be getting a little early!

It's nothing much but wanted to share something I've created to go with my dolls, etc. I originally thought of these for my "mousies" as you all know I'm crazy for them (except the real ones, lol)! But then was thinking about them and know they would go well with snowmen, pumpkin dolls, or just about any creation like that! I suppose some could even use them in their miniature displays? Anyway, they're so easy to make and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun making them for your creations. And please share things you make as accessories to go with your dolls, etc. I'd love to see other's ideas/creations as well!

These are mini tapers that I'll put in my doll hands as candles. I use white string for the new looking candles and black string to make them look used or like they have been burned. Simply melt some wax (please use caution and follow basic instructs) then dip your string allowing it to cool a little in-between dips. When the wax is built up to the desired thickness trim the bottom edge with a sharp knife (like an X-acto knife). You can use the string to hang them till ready to use, then cut the string and trim it to desired length. If you're not into wax don't worry, just melt an old left over candle, t-lite, or what ever. You can even dip them in wax from a jar candle on a warmer plate! And of course if you want them to look grungy then roll in spices quickly after dipping, then dip again. You can repeat that several times if desired, just watch the size of the candle so you won't get it too large in diameter. Another accessory I like to use with smaller things (again such as my mice) are the cute little putka pods that we use in our potpourri. You can either glue or wire one of them in the hands of your creations. Or try making a mini garland with them, just too cute! Nancy has some nice ones she sells at: Jersey Hill Prim Potpourri.

For my Christmas mice, I love using the little light strands and displaying with a tree. (Sample in pic below. And please note that mouse pattern is by Wendy of StagLanePrimitives. Just love her mousies too!) You can get the mini light strands here or on ebay: American Wood Crafters Supply. Just scroll down page and you'll see them. 

Wendy also has patterns for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas mice, their little costumes are too cute! You can find her patterns here on ebay and she also has an Etsy store: Stag Lane Primitives. Here's some I created for my little Salesman Sample cast iron stoves:

There's lots of accessories we can use to make our creations look much better. Please share with us some of the things you use. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby

Monday, September 12, 2011

I've Been Busy....

Making new creations and sewing some Fall goodies! I have lots of pics so hope you don't get bored looking. To start with I made the "Mousie's Letter To Santa" by Kentucky Primitives. This is such a cute pattern and so much fun to make....

And once again I'm making the Pilgrim sitters pattern by Chestnut Junction. I've yet to do the Indians and Scarecrow but will show them when finished. Just love her patterns too!

And I have my own grungy Candy Corn ornies/bowl fillers. These have been sanded and rubbed in my favorite spices....

I've been busy with wax creations too. Here's a candy corn pillar I made, so cute and smells so yummy....

Some cute little pie tarts with hearts on top, scented in Harvest, Yankee Type:

Cute lil' Puka Pods scented with the same....

Cute lil' Ghost that can be used as votives or large tarts, scented in Candy Corn....

Grubby votives scented in Harvest, Yankee Type....

Grubby T-lite candles....

Cute Honeycomb votives scented in Candy Corn....

Lil' tart size pumpkins scented in Harvest, Yankee Type....

Cute lil' Sunflower tarts with faces, also scented in Candy Corn....

Last but not least are the adorable lil' Prim Sheep with star! Just love these cute tarts....

Hope you've enjoyed looking at all the pics and I'll be posting more as I get things done. Have some wonderful new patterns by Maureen Mills at Sweet Meadows Farm. If you haven't seen her patterns you'll definitely want to take a look! Here's her links.... and

Hope everyone's having fun with your Fall/Winter crafting and decorating your homes!
Hugs to all, Libs

Friday, August 26, 2011

Some New Tutorials....

I have some new tutorials on the way and hope to get them posted soon. Was thinking about doing them in a slide for the blog and having the .pdf files in the share box? Guess I'd have to see how that would look and how I'd like it. What's your thoughts on that?

Was also going through some of my pics and saw my stove board display from last year. It wasn't really a Fall display but some of my favorite things from my friends. Anyway, that got me to thinking how I should do it this year. Have several ideas but will have to see what looks best, and I'll post a pic once I decide. Here's the pic of my stove board with my favorite things....

And here's my Fall display for last year....

I still like the first pic of my favorite things better, lol! Guess it's cuz we cherish the things our friends give us and they always seem to look better. And every time we see them we think of our friends, thus a smile is on our face! Speaking of friends, I have a pic of goodies I recently received in a RAK from a very sweet girl you all know. But I'll save that pic for a later post.

To all of you in the storm's path I do hope you stay safe!

Till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs Libs

Monday, August 1, 2011

We Have A Winner!!!

K ladies, we have a winner!!!

I printed out and cut all the names and folded them up....

Then put them all in a bowl and mixed them very well....

Then pulled out a paper and unfolded it.....(giggles!)

To reveal the winner........

Congrats LISA MORRIS! If you'll please use my e-mail contact in the right side menu to send me your addy, I'll get your goodies sent out to you! Hope you enjoy all your goodies!

Ladies I wish to thank you all for entering my giveaway and you won't want to miss the next one. I have something special planned, so keep watch! Till then have fun crafting!
Hugs Libs

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Days Till Giveaway Drawing!

Only a few more days till the Giveaway drawing which will be on July 31st, 2011! So hurry all who want to enter!

Thought I'd change my bg today and while I intended to show you pics of my new pennies, what better than to make a penny design bg! Although plain and simple for easy reading, it does have a little pizzazz, so I'm happy with it. (Yip, I'm being lazy these days and making simple and quick bg's, LOL!) Enough of my chatter....I wanted to show you pics of my goodies from Karen Martinsen of KM Primitives Penny Rugs! I have been crazy for the cute bee hive penny ever since I first saw it! Completely adorable! Then when I saw the cute Watering Can and Pansy's, had to have that one too! Love Karen's work and the detail is awesome! (Giggles, can you tell I'm excited with my new goodies???) K, here's the pics....

My pics do her awesome creations no justice at all, so go check out her site for better ones, LMBO! And I also got some cute prim dish towels that will look wonderful anywhere I put them, and some cute Spice bags! I can't wait to start priming the house and displaying all my goodies! I honestly hate having all my things packed up and not being able to see them everyday. But very hopefully that will all change soon!

I hope you ladies are excited about the giveaway and wait till you see what I have planned for the next one! (Giggles!) I think I'm getting better at this? With the high heat index crossing most of the states, I hope you all stay cool and out of this humidity! Wishing you a very blessed and wonderful day/weekend! And have fun crafting!
Hugs Libs

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lighten Up Giveaway.....

Sorry this has taken so long but hope you'll like what I have gathered together for you!

Included in this giveaway are as follows, other items not included....

1- 6 beeswax tapers on a rod
2- over the door candle holder w/ wax dipped battery operated candle
3- 21" bonnet
4- mustard "mock mice teeth" table runner, 19" x 36"
5- blue qt mason jar in wire basket w/ handle and zinc lid
6- prim mini blue t-lite candle paddle w/ t-lite
7- green candle paddle w/ Faith, Family, Friends t-lite candle (t-lite included)
8- book clip light w/ 4" battery operated candle
9- surprise item

Any questions or further detail on the items please ask (except for surprise item, giggles).
Requirements to enter giveaway:
1- you must be a follower of my blog
2- you must leave a comment saying you'd like to be entered
And that's all I ask!

At the end of July on the 31st, I'll do the drawing to see who the winner is and will post it shortly after.

As for other updates I have a double praise report!....
I wish to thank everyone for your prayers for my hubby. After doc appt yesterday he was told he is very lucky, and that his sun spots will be treated with the suave and won't require surgery! He will start his treatment in Oct and see doc again in Nov. You can imagine what a load off my mind that was and I thank God for it!

And, my uncle, mom's brother, had fallen and got 5 stitches in his head. Was returned to nursing home then was walking around the next morning and had a bad headache. Was returned back to the ER and they found he was bleeding on his brain and flew him to Charleston. By the time they arrived there the docs said he probably wouldn't make it through the night, he had bled so much and they couldn't do anything for him, had to put him on life support. My sis (overseer of him) called his children in IL and they were going to have the life support disconnected since there was no more that could be done for him. Miraculously, he woke up and was responding to the nurses & doctors around 9pm that evening! So the next day they called sis and told her they were sending him back to the nursing home! Said they did another CT-scan and 1/2 the blood had disappeared and the remaining would be absorbed into his body. They were totally shocked with his improvement and said this very rarely happens, they just couldn't believe his condition change over night! As most of you know we just lost mom back in May, and he was the last living relative as all dad's people were already gone. So we thank each and everyone of you for your prayers!

I have been very busy and have lots of pics to show you. Hope to get those posted soon. Till next time I hope you all have fun crafting!
Hugs Libs

Note: I've had several tell me they can't post their comment. Don't know what's going on with that? But if you'll send me an e-mail with your comment I'll post it for you. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Been A While....

Hi all, I know it's been a while since my last post here. Most of you know by now why I was away, and for those of you who don't, I was taking care of my mother till she passed away. I'm sorry for posting about the giveaway then dropping out of sight, but I had no one to work my blog.

I'm trying to get back into things and get my blog updated so bare with me a little while. I will be posting pics & info of the giveaway shortly. For now I have something I thought was neat to share with you. It's a tutorial I did last year and just now putting it in PDF form. So you can get that from my share box (right side column).  These are my Mini Salt Dough Pineapples and they're really so easy to make and very cute!

Please note I had not aged these yet but you get the idea! And you'll definitely want to do that before adding the tops so please make note of that in my tut. I hope you enjoy it and find them fun & easy to make! Till my next post, "Have Fun Crafting!"
Hugs to all, Libs

Monday, February 21, 2011

WoooHooo! Giveaway Post Coming Soon!

Sorry I haven't updated my blog for a while, I've just been super busy these past couple of weeks.  I'm gathering the goodies for a pic and will update with giveaway info soon! I'm excited and hope everyone will like the items I've been collecting for it! Hope you've all been busy and having fun crafting!

Hugs to all, Libby

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awaiting Goodies....

The time is getting closer and I'm awaiting goodies to arrive for my next giveaway! I'm so excited and can't wait to get it all together! I'm thinking I should have all the packages by Monday and be able to post a pic then? If not on Monday then it will be the first part of next week for sure.

And just so you know....I have been working on those tutorials to get them back online. But there's a lot of tuts and crafting recipes to update so it's taking me a bit, as I'm also revising the whole site. And as most of you know, I LOVE playing in wax so I'll have a lot of fun/easy tuts on candle/tart making.

Things have been so hectic around here these past few months with flu bugs, house, and family. I'm sure looking forward to warmer weather and Springtime to arrive! Once again this morning I've heard Spring birds singing and is like music to my ears as I know it's not far off. This also reminds me I need to refill the feeders for our feathered friends! I'm seeing so many wonderful Spring crafts you're all making and if you take time to look around, it will enlighten the heart! Have fun crafting my prim friends!
Hugs to all, Libby

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've Been Shopping!

It's been a while but I'm trying to get back and work on this blog some more. Sure hope everyone is staying safe and warm during all these terrible storms, and hope how soon Spring arrives for us all!

Well I've been shopping these past few days and still have a little more to do. I've been looking around and gathering goodies for my first giveaway of the year! And yes, it's L O N G overdue, lol! But I'm finding some wonderful things and can't wait to get them all together. Was considering doing a holiday theme then thought about myself....what would I like? Knowing we all have different taste in holiday prims, I've decided to use just everyday prims. I should have it all gathered and ready for a pic over the next couple of weeks.  And as always the only requirements will be that 1- you're a follower, and 2- that you leave a comment. That's simple enough, hey?

And yip, I've heard several of you growling (lol) at me over my tutorials. And please know I'm working to get those back online asap. I've been thinking of something new but haven't had time to try it out yet, so will keep you updated about that when I can actually get it started. I have so much going on right now and I'm finding it very hard to try and keep everything balanced. I know others of you experience the same thing and can understand. I've been watching your blogs/sites and love seeing all the creations you've been keeping yourselves busy with! The crafter's world seems to be bursting with all kinds of creations and that's great for us all! I see you sharing tutorials, tips, and recipes and think it's all wonderful. Wished I had more time to go blog hopping every morning for at least an hour! I love blog hopping anyway, love seeing what everyone's doing.

Guess I've rambled on enough and hope you've all enjoyed Groundhog's Day! I sure was excited to learn he didn't see his shadow, LOL! Hurry on Spring! Till next time stay safe n warm, and have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby

Monday, January 17, 2011

One Awesome Lady!

As I told you before I'd be sharing information about a wonderful person that is sooooo organized, crafty, witty, and has been a tremendous help to so many! (Sorry I didn't get to this sooner ladies but I've been having a go-round with the sinus thing, lol.) Most of you have probably seen her on the forums and she's Tina, or may be better known as "PrimChick." She has various sites full of goodies and information which I'm listing below (courtesy of Tina), but with so much going on in the internet world and blogs today, I wanted to stress that there is help with it all. I seriously need to organize my blog as it grows and I add things to it. The one place you can always turn for help is Tina's "Online Business Junction" site! That site is just choke-full of help for business, blogs, e-mail, and websites. So if you're needing help in any of those areas or just want to update yourself on the current happenings on those things, give that site a visit! (Also notice how neat and tidy her sites/blogs are.) But that's not all....Tina has an artistic side and has wonderful creations! And yip, you guessed it, she also shares her creations and tutorials on her new blog. You don't want to miss her cute prim tutorials either so be sure to visit her blogs/sites! I could ramble on and on, but here's the info on her sites in her own words.....THANK YOU TINA!!! (Now I need to get busy on organizing this blog, lol!)

Tattered Sisters is my new primitive blog. As I've recently closed my online store where I sold prims, I wanted to have another way to keep creating without having my online store. So I thought a new primitive blog would be the perfect solution. I'm posting about past and present prim creations, and from time to time I'll have give-a-ways, and I'll sell some items here and there too. I'll also be sharing links to great primitive tutorials and sites that I find on the Web. I've always loved country and primitive decor and gifts, so this blog will really allow me to keep the primitive world alive in me, and in my home.

These are both online primitive marketplaces, sites where primitive business owners can advertise their websites, and where shoppers can easily find primitive sites where they might like to shop. I also have blogs for both of these sites and topsites lists, along with plugboards for some extra free advertising.
Art Chick Studio is actually the studio I have in backyard, which my husband built for me. It's where I do all my art and my crafting. I do a variety of things there: oil painting, watercolors, stained glass, altered art, paper arts, fabric crafts, and whatever else strikes my fancy at a given time. I also dabble in photography and graphic design. At some point about a year ago, I decided that I'd like to share my creations by blogging, so I created And then later I decided to open an online store where I could sell my creations from time to time, so that's when I opened But selling my creations is never my primary goal. I create art because it's my passion, and because it feeds my soul. If couldn't create, I would be lost. Having the blog and the store primarily allows me to share my creations with others, and I really like that.  I also participate in a lot of art challenges via other blogs, as it's a great way to find inspiration and get my creative juices flowing.
I created OBJ as a means of helping new online business owners find information that would help them run or grow their business. I remember what it was like when I first opened an online business. There is so much you need to know, but you often don't realize how much until you're in the thick of it. So I wanted to provide a website that would be full of resources, tips, information, and links that might help shed some light on some of those less obvious aspects of going into business online. I have always enjoyed helping other people, especially with getting a new website off the ground, or anything related to the Internet, and OBJ really enables me to do that. It has been and continues to be a source of great fulfillment for me.
Tinalicious is the result of my love of writing. I've always enjoyed creative writing, and I also enjoy making people laugh. So I figured that the best way I could put my sense of humor and my creative writing skills to good use would be to start a blog. I blog about everyday life and pop culture, and I try to make it funny along the way. If I can make people laugh, or even just smile, by reading my blog, then that makes me very happy.

WAHM Plugboard is where I sell affordable plugboard hosting for a small annual fee. There are many "free" plugboard hosting sites, but with them you often get malware, spyware, or pop-up ads. That doesn't happen with a WAHM Plugboard. I also offer affordable advertising on the website as well. And WAHM Topsites is a topsites list for ladies with online businesses.
Ladies I can't stress enough how helpful Tina's sites have been to me and she offers this help/information freely. Just browse and bookmark her sites and I'm sure something will attract your attention, something you've wondered about or maybe needing help with. I've also noticed this morning that she's listed a "Primitive Crow in a Bucket" tut on her blog. Completely adorable and thanks for sharing so much with us Tina!
And no, Tina and I are not affiliated in any way....she's just an awesome lady with wonderful talents I wanted to share with you! Now that you have these wonderful resources, get that blog organized, that web site going, those newsletters revised, or what ever else it is that you've been putting off. (And don't forget to grab Tina's freebie tutorials to add to your to-do list, lol!) As always, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all Libby

Friday, January 14, 2011

Prayers For A Friend....

Hi all, sorry I haven't updated my blog yet but like most of you I've been suffering with a bad sinus infection. Can't seem to get rid of this head congestion even with antibiotics. A special friend of mine had surgery today and last word was she came through without any complications. However, this past year has been a very rough one for her and family with health issues and everything. My heart goes out to her and pray this new year is much better for them all. There's not a lot we can do in situations like this beside be there and try to help in any way we can, and support them with our prayers. I told her a few days back that those prayers from all you wonderful ladies on the forums out there, family, and friends, were what I took in with me during mine. And in my opinion, that means more than anything else! So please remember to say a prayer for her and her family.

I'm starting to work on the next post and hope to have that accomplished by tomorrow. I've also been working on some patterns I've had cut out (not making much progress though, lol) and hope to post pics of them soon. These aren't my patterns but some awesome patterns by various crafters out there. I've wanted to make them for the longest time but we all know how that to-do list goes. Most of you will probably have these freebie patterns too, stashed away somewhere, so maybe they'll encourage you to update your to-do list too? I do hope everyone has been safe, warm, and busy crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby