Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lil Prairie Bonnet Collection

Wanted to share with you something I've been wanting to make for a long while and finally did. It's the cutest pattern of the Prairie Bonnet collection by Drakestone Primitives. As you know I just made the Lil' Prim Dress pattern and still working on the embellishments for those. I was looking for the next quick n easy project and thought about those lil bonnets. You get 3 different bonnet styles plus a bonnet head in that pattern. So after making a couple bonnets and the bonnet head I fell in love with how simple and easy they were to make! Next I got the idea to size it up to my lil dresses to see how that would look and they were the perfect size. Not being satisfied with the dress embellishments yet, I changed the cheesecloth hanger to wire, took other embellishments off and added the lil bonnet. Once supplies arrive I'll change the buttons to something more prim n proper, lol. Being excited about how cute the bonnets looked with the lil dresses I made one in each dress print, plus a couple in plain stained muslin. Please note I'm not affiliated with Drakestone Primitives in any way. Just wanted to share with you how cute I thought these were together.

One dress and matching bonnet....

And here are those cute, adorable, quick n easy to make lil bonnets.....

The finished bonnets measure a little over 5-1/2" long by 3-1/2" wide. Again, I think these are completely adorable! I'll show more (better) pics when I have more made. I'm going through my "to-do list" and trying out some of the projects I've been wanting to make. It really feels good to get some things knocked off that list LOL!

I know lots of you girls have been working the crafts shows so hope things are going great for you this year! Try and get some rest in-between those shows so you can be revived for the next one.

Don't know what I'll be into next but will share pics as I go. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libs

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Freebie

Wanted to share a new freebie pattern with you all. A friend and I were talking about those cute lil prim dresses and although I have several patterns for them (from other artists) I wanted something a little fresh and different. I also wanted something quick n easy to make, lol! But the size was also important....I wanted what "I" considered the perfect size. So I got my pencils and paper out and went to work on the pattern. First I wanted something that would fit into a 12" square, so I measured and made the box. Next I drew the style of an old "A-Line" dress. Remember those? They were so simple, quick, n easy. I opted for short sleeves and added a little neckline for it. The result was a very basic and simple dress, which was perfect for my purposes. This pattern could easily be altered to have long sleeves and/or add length to the dress to make it into a christening or baby gown. It could also be sleeveless if desired. I hope you like the simplicity of this and will have fun playing around with the basic pattern. I've sewn several of these today in different prints and they all look adorable! They have been stained and are hanging on the line. Once dry I'll use different types embellishments to see what I like on them. I'll quit chattering and get on with the pattern. Here's a pic of my first finished dress, and you can get the pattern in my share box on the right side menu...(lpd.pdf)

Please remember to always print my patterns full page size. This dress pattern measured 10" wide by 11-3/4" long, but after staining and drying it's finished size is 9-3/4" wide by 11-1/2" long. Because of it's small size you can display it almost anywhere. I'll be sharing pics of the other dresses as I get them finished plus some other goodies I'm making. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs, Libs