Thursday, December 5, 2013

Upcoming Giveaway

Yes, and I know it's long overdue, lol. I've been busy with kiddos and life in general, and have neglected my blog.  But before I talk about that, I'd like to tell you about meeting another online friend in person.  

As most know I lost my fur baby Poky back in August and was totally heart broken. On online friend, Melissa, or better known as mjhutch on the forums, had seen my post about Poky and contacted me. Turns out she has the Australia Shepherds and they would be having pups soon. To make a long story short, I went to get my pup and got to meet Melissa for the first time. We had known each other for years on the forums but it's always special when you get to meet these online friends in person. I met Melissa, her hubby, and youngest son and got to see their farm. Then Melissa and I shared a wonderful cup of coffee while she showed me her beautiful home and her awesome goodies!  And let me tell ya, I was in drool heaven, LMBO! She has soooo many wonderful collections of awesome goodies that I've seen anywhere! Now you haven't seen any pics of her home yet as she's getting ready to start grouping all her goodies together. But she recently had surgery and had yet another one just today. So as soon as she recovers she'll be starting on making her home a primitive home. Melissa and her family are wonderful people and I truly enjoyed my visit with her/them. Also, she told me that she and hubby had built their home, including the kitchen cabinets and beautiful stone fireplace. (Yes, it's all completely gorgeous! ) I just can't wait till she gets it finished and you all can see her beautiful home and wonderful goodies! But enough of my chattering, giggles, let me show you the newest addition to our family, Maximus, or Max for short.  He is just too cute and was one of the first two pups I was greeted by when I he knew I was coming for him.

And here are more puppies that came out while I was being greeted by Max and the red one.....

There were several others including some gorgeous Merles but we didn't get them in the pic.
Melissa it was so nice meeting you and your family and I hope your surgery went well today. I know I won't hear from you for a few days but keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. I'm also looking forward to hooking up with you again for a fun filled goodie hunt.

Now....for the giveaway I'm planning on doing this one with everyday prim goodies and will be posting pics of things later. And I think I'll do this one when I reach 300 followers as I'm only 32 away from that total. I know I've neglected my blog lately but I do have some freebie crafting tutorials coming up. I'll try to get back on track with all this.  But as I gather up the giveaway goodies I'll post the pics, so keep watch for those to start shortly. I know this is the busiest time of year for the crafters and hope you've all enjoyed your shows. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs, Libby