Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi all, I've been very busy this past week and into a little of everything. I did manage to get the shelf make-over painted plus did a smaller one but forgot to take before pics, lol. It also had a cutzy country heart up top that I cut out. (Sometimes you just can't cover those things and need to cut them out.)

This pic doesn't show it but it has black and mustard coming through the red and I love how the colors come out like that. It also has a grungy stain that you can't tell in pic.

And here's the little shelf I made over and painted black. I haven't decided to use star hooks where the pegs were or flat head nails? Jen suggested the nails and I'm leaning toward those myself.

Also finished painting all the Fall salt dough ornies but haven't taken pics of those yet. Then made grungy apples in crates for this year....just need to add the labels on the wood crates. These always go fast.

 And my latest creation are the salt dough pineapples....still a work in progress though.

Nope, they're not staying in that trencher of moss, I think they'll look wonderful on the cute little black shelf! This is a busy time of year for most and I hope to post more pics soon. As always....have fun crafting!
Hugs Libby

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Take A Second Look

How many times have we passed up wood items at yard sales, flea markets, or thrifty stores cause of their "cutesy country" designs?! Most of those things can be made over for a new look and here's how I did one of mine....

I found this nice shelf while out and about one day and couldn't resist taking it home with me.

As you can see it had those cutesy country heart cut-outs in the design. So the first thing I did was use a round cup to mark cutting lines on both the top and bottom hearts as shown....



Because of the lack of space for cutting I used my jigsaw to cut these out, then used my sander to blend back in with the original beveled edges. (Of course you can use other tools....just depends on your preference and project you're working on.) So here's what my shelf looks like and it's ready for some paint/distressing....

You don't always have to cut those out and can use decorative wood squares to place over top of them when possible, or maybe a wood or metal star....but you get the idea. So next time you see a nice cutesy country wood item, give it a second look and use your imagination on it's possibilities.

Wow, I've realized I haven't been keeping up with my blog as planned and it's past time for another giveaway! Wonder what I should come up with for that? Well, you'll have to keep watch to see, lol! Till next time....Have Fun Crafting!

Hugs, Libby