Thursday, December 5, 2013

Upcoming Giveaway

Yes, and I know it's long overdue, lol. I've been busy with kiddos and life in general, and have neglected my blog.  But before I talk about that, I'd like to tell you about meeting another online friend in person.  

As most know I lost my fur baby Poky back in August and was totally heart broken. On online friend, Melissa, or better known as mjhutch on the forums, had seen my post about Poky and contacted me. Turns out she has the Australia Shepherds and they would be having pups soon. To make a long story short, I went to get my pup and got to meet Melissa for the first time. We had known each other for years on the forums but it's always special when you get to meet these online friends in person. I met Melissa, her hubby, and youngest son and got to see their farm. Then Melissa and I shared a wonderful cup of coffee while she showed me her beautiful home and her awesome goodies!  And let me tell ya, I was in drool heaven, LMBO! She has soooo many wonderful collections of awesome goodies that I've seen anywhere! Now you haven't seen any pics of her home yet as she's getting ready to start grouping all her goodies together. But she recently had surgery and had yet another one just today. So as soon as she recovers she'll be starting on making her home a primitive home. Melissa and her family are wonderful people and I truly enjoyed my visit with her/them. Also, she told me that she and hubby had built their home, including the kitchen cabinets and beautiful stone fireplace. (Yes, it's all completely gorgeous! ) I just can't wait till she gets it finished and you all can see her beautiful home and wonderful goodies! But enough of my chattering, giggles, let me show you the newest addition to our family, Maximus, or Max for short.  He is just too cute and was one of the first two pups I was greeted by when I he knew I was coming for him.

And here are more puppies that came out while I was being greeted by Max and the red one.....

There were several others including some gorgeous Merles but we didn't get them in the pic.
Melissa it was so nice meeting you and your family and I hope your surgery went well today. I know I won't hear from you for a few days but keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. I'm also looking forward to hooking up with you again for a fun filled goodie hunt.

Now....for the giveaway I'm planning on doing this one with everyday prim goodies and will be posting pics of things later. And I think I'll do this one when I reach 300 followers as I'm only 32 away from that total. I know I've neglected my blog lately but I do have some freebie crafting tutorials coming up. I'll try to get back on track with all this.  But as I gather up the giveaway goodies I'll post the pics, so keep watch for those to start shortly. I know this is the busiest time of year for the crafters and hope you've all enjoyed your shows. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs, Libby  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Busy Seasons Are Here!

It's that time of year again and the busy seasons are upon us! As of today, only 8 more days till Fall! I know you've all been busy crafting and working your shows, and hope all has went well for you this year. I haven't got to do a lot with watching grand babies and sending them to school, but have made a few favorites. The "Cookies Anyone?" gingy dolls by Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm, I'm making in sets this year. The boy gingy is by permission by Maureen, thanks Maureen! I've made three sets then getting on with more Fall decor items. This first set is a Fall set of gingies with lil cinnamon dough pumpkins....

This next set is a simple Prim Christmas set with a cute prim Christmas print, and holding lil pine cones....

And this last set is a Classical Christmas set. Lil girl gingy is holding a holiday sprig and the lil boy is pouting - tangled in a mini light set.....

I'll be posting more pics of other creations soon. Hope you've enjoyed looking and are having fun with your crafting and shows! Till next time, Have Fun Crafting!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libby

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wonderful Pumpkins!

I finally knocked another thing off my to-do list and that was to finish the pumpkins I started last Fall, LOL! It feels great getting some of these unfinished projects completed. This isn't my pattern but a pattern by Willow Creek Crossing. A friend told me about her patterns last Fall so when I visited her page I saw the awesome Pineapples and just had to get it! Then a few weeks later she released these pumpkins which I flipped over! I LOVE the look of these pumpkins and all the careful detail she's put into this pattern. Please note: I'm not affiliated with Willow Creek Crossing in any way, just like to share awesome goodies with you. Enough of my chattering, here are the adorable pumpkins I'm raving about....(and yes, you get all 3 pumpkins in the one pattern)!

As you all know I'm not good with the camera and I haven't made a nice display for these pumpkins yet. But I also want to add that they're life size pumpkins! And in case you've forgotten the pineapples here is my pic of those that I made last year....

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my pics today and I'll be posting more as I get other projects completed.
Till next time, have fun crafting!
Prim hugs, Libs

Friday, July 12, 2013

Spice Cupboard Make-Over

Well I finally got the make-over on the lil spice cupboard finished and like how it turned out. I had intentions of using a wire type screen on the doors but when I got my roll of screen I saw it wasn't the wire type. So the small block wire, or better known as rabbit wire was used instead. I really like the look of that much better than what I had in mind so all things worked out great. Here are my before and after pics....





Don't we all just love what a few simple make-over changes can do to anything! This little spice cupboard is so much happier now, giggles, and so am I. A special thanks to all you ladies helping me decide what color to paint it. It's hard to see the true Mustard color with all the camera flash and lighting. It is a lot darker than these pics show, but then again you all know that I don't get along well with cameras, LOL! And now you can also see how the lil prim spice jar labels look on them in the cupboard. (Tut for the labels are in my share box on right side menu.)
Hope you've enjoy the make-over and I'll be finishing some pumpkins from last Fall (LMBO), next. Yip, trying to finish some abandoned projects from last year, but wait till you see these awesome pumpkins!
Till next time, have fun crafting!
Prim hugs, Libs

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spice Jar Labels

It's been a while and we've had a lot going on here. I wanted to share with you some labels I made for the lil spice jars. Hubby surprised me one day by bringing home a cute lil spice cabinet WITH the lil spice jars included....

And here's another pic of it....

As you can see it has all the lil spice jars. The top shelf piece had been taken off, painted and a decal applied. But when I do a make-over on it I'll remove all that, plus I'll be taking the lattice door panels out and replacing it with screen/wire. I think that will make it look a lot more prim. And the one thing I love most about this piece is that it has the cute lil drawer at the bottom. I've yet to start to work on the cabinet make-over but I did manage to get the vintage labels made for the jars, and that is what I'll be sharing with you.

First, here are the labeled jars and then I'll tell how I made them.....

If you like and want to make my labels, get the 2 sheets of label graphics from my share Box in the right side menu. These are in .png file format (no background), and are named spices1 and spices2.

You'll need:
coffee stain (for paper)
plain copy paper (of course)
brown shoe polish in the tins - wax type
cosmetic sponge or rag to apply shoe polish
white glue and old artist brush

I used plain copy paper that I coffee stained to print my labels out on. So if you don't already have some stained paper then get those done and print the sheets out. Next, grab that faithful ole shoe polish, lol! Don't we just love using that on everything! I get the tins of the brown and black at my local Family Dollar. I used a cosmetic sponge but you can use a piece of an old rag or what ever you wish to apply the shoe polish to the label sheets.
First, dab a little polish on your sponge and gently blot it on the labels randomly. Don't worry if you get a really dark spot, just wipe it across the label/paper to spread it out. Be sure to blot this all around the labels so you won't have any "light" spots on your sheets. Here is what mine looks like after doing one sheet. Left is polished, right side sheet isn't.....

I love the vintage look the shoe polish give the labels! Be careful not to get the shoe polish on the back side of the sheets. Once you have the labels as you like them, start cutting them out. I cut mine really close to the designed border on the labels as these were especially made a certain size to fit the jars. And here's a pic of mine cut out laying on white paper so you can see the details of the polish....

Grab your white glue and start painting the glue on the back side of a label. Place it on the spice jar as desired and let sit to dry. Do one label/jar at a time and keep your labels level with each other as you put them on the jars. Simply put the jars side by side to keep the labels even.

This same technique is also used on vintage looking pantry jars and such. And of course it looks fantastic on your prim tags! Hope you have fun with these and feel free to change the spice names if needed.
And....if you already have labels on your spice jars but want to make them more prim looking, use the shoe polish technique on them. No need to make new labels if they're already on the jars, right? So just prim them up a little.
I know we've talked about the shoe polish before, but for those who have missed that, give the shoe polish a try on some of the items you craft. Another wonderful thing to use it on are the paper mache boxes we love to paint and. The shoe polish gives them a wonderful aged look (I've posted pics on those before).

I'll try to catch things up on my blog and show you more things I've been crafting. Plus I'll post pics of the spice cabinet once I have it finished so you can see the complete make-over. I do hope you have had fun with your crafts and having a great year with your shows! Also want to wish everyone a very safe and Happy 4th of July! Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs, Libs

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lil Prairie Bonnet Collection

Wanted to share with you something I've been wanting to make for a long while and finally did. It's the cutest pattern of the Prairie Bonnet collection by Drakestone Primitives. As you know I just made the Lil' Prim Dress pattern and still working on the embellishments for those. I was looking for the next quick n easy project and thought about those lil bonnets. You get 3 different bonnet styles plus a bonnet head in that pattern. So after making a couple bonnets and the bonnet head I fell in love with how simple and easy they were to make! Next I got the idea to size it up to my lil dresses to see how that would look and they were the perfect size. Not being satisfied with the dress embellishments yet, I changed the cheesecloth hanger to wire, took other embellishments off and added the lil bonnet. Once supplies arrive I'll change the buttons to something more prim n proper, lol. Being excited about how cute the bonnets looked with the lil dresses I made one in each dress print, plus a couple in plain stained muslin. Please note I'm not affiliated with Drakestone Primitives in any way. Just wanted to share with you how cute I thought these were together.

One dress and matching bonnet....

And here are those cute, adorable, quick n easy to make lil bonnets.....

The finished bonnets measure a little over 5-1/2" long by 3-1/2" wide. Again, I think these are completely adorable! I'll show more (better) pics when I have more made. I'm going through my "to-do list" and trying out some of the projects I've been wanting to make. It really feels good to get some things knocked off that list LOL!

I know lots of you girls have been working the crafts shows so hope things are going great for you this year! Try and get some rest in-between those shows so you can be revived for the next one.

Don't know what I'll be into next but will share pics as I go. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libs

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Freebie

Wanted to share a new freebie pattern with you all. A friend and I were talking about those cute lil prim dresses and although I have several patterns for them (from other artists) I wanted something a little fresh and different. I also wanted something quick n easy to make, lol! But the size was also important....I wanted what "I" considered the perfect size. So I got my pencils and paper out and went to work on the pattern. First I wanted something that would fit into a 12" square, so I measured and made the box. Next I drew the style of an old "A-Line" dress. Remember those? They were so simple, quick, n easy. I opted for short sleeves and added a little neckline for it. The result was a very basic and simple dress, which was perfect for my purposes. This pattern could easily be altered to have long sleeves and/or add length to the dress to make it into a christening or baby gown. It could also be sleeveless if desired. I hope you like the simplicity of this and will have fun playing around with the basic pattern. I've sewn several of these today in different prints and they all look adorable! They have been stained and are hanging on the line. Once dry I'll use different types embellishments to see what I like on them. I'll quit chattering and get on with the pattern. Here's a pic of my first finished dress, and you can get the pattern in my share box on the right side menu...(lpd.pdf)

Please remember to always print my patterns full page size. This dress pattern measured 10" wide by 11-3/4" long, but after staining and drying it's finished size is 9-3/4" wide by 11-1/2" long. Because of it's small size you can display it almost anywhere. I'll be sharing pics of the other dresses as I get them finished plus some other goodies I'm making. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs, Libs 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Giveaway Link!

Just wanted to share with you another giveaway Deb is having! This is awesome so go join her giveaway as she has wonderful goodies! Click on the image to go to her giveaway....

Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libby

Monday, March 11, 2013

More Fun Later....

That sure was a fun giveaway and we had 4 close runners. Sorry I haven't been back online to answer your comments ladies but I've been having net problems the past few days. Yesterday it was in and out all day, mostly out, lol! And, since it was such a beautiful day I decided to get moving some things around here. As most know I'm moving my crafting area back to hubby's bldg as I'm more productive out there. He came home early yesterday and helped get my wax etc moved. I had been boxing and cleaning and had an area especially for that ready, so him coming home early was a blessing and just in time. Enough of my rambling and to reply to your comments....
There were 368 marbles in Deb's jar. Lori guessed 340 which brought her the closest and making her the winner. She was within 28 of the actual marbles. Next in line was Jody with her guess of 327, which had her within 41 of the actual amount. And next was CinnamonLaine with her guess of 321, putting her within 47 of the actual amount. And in 4th place was Heather Wise with her guess of 429, making her within 61 of the actual amount. So looking over and thinking about all this, I'm thinking I'll do my next giveaway with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners? I think that would be just as fun and very interesting, what do you all think?
For this next giveaway I'll do it shortly after I have my crafting area moved and situated. Hopefully that won't be over a couple weeks. As of now I don't have any particular reason or event for the giveaway other than having plain and simple fun with my followers. And instead of doing anything seasonal or holiday specific, I'll be making this one with everyday use goodies. So in the meanwhile I'll be browsing some online shops and on the hunt for some awesome treasures. I would appreciate hearing back from you on the 3 winners and if you like everyday or seasonal giveaways best. I'm looking forward to having more fun soon and hope you are too! Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libby

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Giveaway WINNER!

We're happy to announce we have a WINNER to our giveaway! It's been a lot of fun seeing all your posts and guesses! There were several of you that came very close, and no one guessed the exact amount, but the lucky girl to come the closest with her guess is......

Lori - applegrovetreasures! Congratulations Lori! Please send me an e-mail with your mailing address so I can get your goodies shipped out to you!

Ladies I wished you all could have won but don't despair, I have other giveaways planned and will have some tutorials coming soon. I wish to thank all those who entered and look forward to doing this again soon! Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libby  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Giveaway Reminder.....

Just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow, Saturday the 9th is the big day and we discover who the giveaway winner will be! Please check back over your comments and make sure you have a "guess how many" for the jar of marbles. Only those that have stated a guess in their comment can be entered in the drawing as that's the only way we have to see who came closest or guessed the actual amount of marbles. So please check and if you haven't entered a guess then do so before 12 pm midnight tonight. Wishing you all the best of luck!

Warm prim hugs to all, Libby

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last of the Goodies!

Look what I got in the mail today! Aren't these completely adorable! And....these are the last items in my giveaway. This is a beautiful black and mustard "Lover's Knot Coverlet Towel." It measures a whopping 19" by 29" and could easily be used for a table square. Then next is the "Hog Scrapper Candlestick." It's just over 7" tall and 4-3/4" at base. It has a working push-up lever on the side. (Saltbox house not included.)

So all together, included in my giveaway are:

Prim candle paddle measures 11" long.
5 turquoise 3" nubbies.
Wooden bowl with grass and 3 wooden eggs.
Set of 4 adorable crow with star felt coasters.
6 vintage wooden spools measures 3" by 4" tall.
Colonial tapers and nubbies in turquoise color. The tapers measure around 6" long and the nubbies are about 3" long. 
Lover's Knot Coverlet Towel measures 19" by 29".
Hog Scrapper Candlestick measures 7" by 4-3/4".

Some are having problems leaving a comment on my blog. IF this happens to you then please let me a comment on Deb's blog (make sure you state it's for Libby). And don't forget to "guess how many" marbles are in the jar! (Hint: jar is 5" tall by 4" square.)

Good luck to you all and hope you enjoy this fun giveaway!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libby

Monday, March 4, 2013

Clarification on "Crafty Prim Sista's Giveaway"

It has been brought to my attention again that some can not leave a comment on my blog. This is an issue from blogger and beyond my control. IF you are one that can not comment here, please kindly leave a comment on Deb's blog for ME. You should have two comments on Deb's blog, one for her and one for me. I do apologize for this but it's beyond my control. Thank you so kindly. 

First, I (and blogger), were having problems with people trying to leave comments on my blog. Some left comments on Deb's blog but couldn't on mine. That should all be fixed now but if for some reason you still can not leave a comment please contact me and I'll do it for you manually.

I also would like to clarify that this is a joint giveaway, what I called a double whammy. This means with Deb and I, in joint efforts to host this giveaway, there will be one lucky person to win both Deb's goodies and mine. And this actually gives you two chances to win the goodies as the rules are you have to leave a comment on both blogs. So that's like a double entry.

Also, Dolly and Toni made a "guess how many" guess on my blog before I had the jar on my blog. You two ladies will need to re-enter your guess as I didn't have my blog set up for that yet. And, we don't want to leave anyone out of this giveaway. If you see an item that is in mine or Deb's goodies that have been purchased from you, and if you win the giveaway, we will replace that item with a surprise item of equal value. So please don't feel you can't enter the giveaway just because there's something from your store or an item that you sell in our giveaway goodies.

Now as for the original giveaway post (which you can see in previous post), here are the original same rules with clarified revisions. When commenting for the giveaway please leave your comments in the original post below and not here.

For starters, let's go over what needs to be done to enter the giveaway.... 

 1- You must be a follower. 
 2- You must leave a comment on the original giveaway post. 
 3- You must share it in your sidebar (IF you have a blog) with links to both blogs. 
 My link: 
 Deb's link: 
 4- Post it to your FB page (IF you have one). 
 5- Sorry, but US Resident entries only. 
6- Make a "guess how many" marbles are in the jar pictured below. (Hint: The jar is 5" high by 4" square.) 7- Good luck to you all!

So the first person to guess the correct number, or by Saturday the 9th, if no one has guessed correctly, we will find the person who came the closest and announce the winner Saturday. (Dolly & Toni please re-enter your guess now that I have the jar shown on my blog.)

As for my other goodies I will be posting another pic today. I have more goodies that are due to arrive in the mail today and IF hubby can pick those up for me then I'll post pics of them later this evening. He's not for sure if he can make it to the PO today after work in time to get them. So if I don't have them posted later this evening then I'll get that done tomorrow. IF you have any questions or having problems commenting, please contact me. We wish for everyone to be able to enter.

Warm prim hugs to all, Libby.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Crafty Prim Sista's Giveaway!

Please Note: It has been brought to my attention that some could not leave a comment on my blog. Please try now and if you still can't, e-mail me your comment and I'll post it for you.

Sorry I'm so late getting this posted, burning the midnight oil, lol. It's been a very long, busy, & crazy day. As said in previous post, Debs and I decided to have a double whammy giveaway. She already has hers posted so you really want to go see all the wonderful goodies she has! (Wished I could enter her's myself, lol!) I'm still waiting the arrival of 2 more goodies so can't post pics of them yet, plus I have another something in the making and will post pic as soon as it's finished. And nope, not gonna say what these other goodies are, I'm keeping you in suspense, but let's just say I'm saving the best for last, giggles!

Now if you'll look to the top right side of my blog here you'll see a button of the "Crafty Prim Sista's Giveaway." Clicking this button will take you to Deb's blog so you can enter for her giveaway too! We have a few simple rules for entry in the giveaway and instead of having a random number generator or drawing out of the hat, we've decided to hold the drawing with an old fashion "Guess How Many." We will fill a jar with something then have you "guess how many" items are in the jar. The one that's closest to the correct number wins the giveaway. Sound like fun? I sure hope so and hope you'll enjoy my goodies up for offer as well.

For starters, let's go over what needs to be done to enter the giveaway....
1- You must be a follower.
2- You must leave a comment on this giveaway post.
3- You must share it in your sidebar (IF you have a blog) with links to both blogs.
My link:
Deb's link:
4- Post it to your FB page (IF you have one).
5- Sorry, but US Resident entries only.

My first pic of goodies you will receive consist of:
Prim candle paddle and 5 turquoise 3" nubbies, wooden bowl with grass and 3 wooden eggs, and a set of 4 adorable crow with star felt coasters.

Next is a lot of 6 vintage wooden spools. These measure 3" diameter by 4" tall, have different color ends and a wonderful wood patina. These can be used to display with your other spools, used in crafts, or sell them if you like...your choice if you win them.

Here are some Colonial tapers and nubbies in turquoise color. The tapers measure around 6" long and the nubbies are about 3" long. They will be tied with homespun and bagged. (Other items not included with tapers.) Hope you like them. And hubby didn't get to pick up the box today so I'll post pics of those goodies tomorrow. 

This is all the pics for now but remember I will be posting pics of more goodies as I receive them. You're gonna love what's still to come so keep watch and get entered in both giveaways! Till next time, have fun crafting!

Warm prim hugs to all, Libby

Friday, March 1, 2013

Next Giveaway!

Good afternoon everyone, hope you're enjoying a wonderful 1st day of March! Isn't it so exciting to know that SPRING will soon be here! I wanted to share with you about my upcoming Giveaway. And not only myself, but a friend is having one also! We've decided to have a "double whammy," and call it the "Crafty Prim Sista's Giveaway." We will have a blog button exchange so all you'll need to do is click on the button to visit the other blog and sign up for that giveaway too! I'll be listing more information on all this tomorrow so be sure to keep watch and get in on both giveaways! I will tell you that both giveaways will consist of various items, including some crafting supplies. There will be awesome gifts to win so you won't want to miss this. Now that I've told you about this I'm off to start getting some pics for tomorrow's posting. I hope you're as excited as I am and wishing you all the best of luck in the giveaways!

Till next time, have fun crafting!
Prim hugs to all, Libby

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year Equals Changes

I think most of us look forward to a new year cause of change. We make new plans of doing things differently, bettering ourselves, families, work, and what ever else we do. Not only does this pertain to the more important things, but also to the simple things. I've heard so many saying as they put away the Christmas decor, they were looking forward to getting back to the basics, or to simplify things in their home and lives. I'm not one for making New Year resolutions as I can never keep them or set standards for myself that are way too high. But like so many of you I do look forward to changing things up. Nothing major, just simple things around the house, plus getting more organized. I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays and maybe taking some time off from crafting? Some of you I know craft all year long while others take the month of January off to get refreshed and ready to go again. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what everyone will be creating during this new year. If you have already made some new goodies please share your link with us so we can take a peek. Till next time, have fun crafting! Prim hugs to all, Libby