Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hen Pattern

What you'll need:
Muslin or other print fabric
Polyfil for stuffing
Fabric paints (if using plain muslin fabric)
Sm wooden fruit crate (or woven bowl, basket)
Black glass beads (or sm buttons for eyes)
Quilt batting

While making this new pattern I discovered this hen could also be used to make a turkey. The difference being adding a cone under the beak and using the longer tail. The hen can also be made plain without the tail piece and just adding wings. 

Cut out the pattern pieces, pin onto muslin or printed fabric then cut pieces out. Starting with the hen's body, sew around body but leave bottom open as shown on pattern piece. Next pin the hen's bottom piece to bottom of hen body and sew around leaving main back open for stuffing. Turn right side out and stuff body nice and full, then stitch closed.

Next lay wing and tail pattern pieces on some quilt batting and cut out. You only need one batting piece for tail and one piece for each wing. Lay the two wing muslin pieces together then lay the batting piece on top, pin in place. Sew completely around wing. Determine which side of the wing will be next to hen body then cut a small slit in the center for turning right side out. After turning, using pattern diagram, stitch design on wing. Repeat the same process for other wing.

If using a tail.....For the tail piece, sew all 3 pieces together leaving the main bottom open for turning. Turn tail piece right side out and cuff bottom end up inside tail slightly. Pin in place on hen's back side then stitch in place all around hen's back side....bottom, sides, and top. (Please note....I goofed and put Turkey's tail on my sample hen, giggles).Tail piece should look like pics....

Now you're ready to stitch the feather lines on the tail piece, (if used). Cut a 2 inch wide by 6 inch long strip of fabric for the hen's cone. Sew the long sides together. Turn right side out and cuff ends inside slightly, do a running stitch down the same seam. When you reach the other end gently pull tightly to pucker the strip then tye off. Sew one end of the cone to the hen's head.

Place wings on the side of hen's body and pin in place. Stitch around wings to secure to body.

Now you're ready to paint, stain, and finish hen to your preference. First you'll need to paint the hen's beak. I would suggest using a little instant coffee in the yellow paint for that grungy-aged color look. After painting or staining hen and drying, sew some black glass bead eyes on her. Using the wooden fruit crate (available at grocery stores), place old newspapers in the bottom. You can glue in place with hot glue or Elmer's glue if desired. Place moss on top of newspapers then sit hen in her nest!

You can download the "Hen.pdf" file with patterns in my share box on right side menu.
Till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs, Libby

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've Been MIA...

Sorry everyone, I've been missing in action on my blog! I've been sick and have 2 upcoming surgeries, so still won't be able to keep up with post here till all that's behind me. I wanted to thank everyone for your beautiful cards, e-cards, e-mails, messages, post on forums and FB, sending me get well wishes. Oft times we don't realize how many people are thinking about us, and I sure wasn't expecting to be missed by so many. But I want each and everyone of you to know you've touched my heart in a big way, with your words of kindness, caring,  and love for a prim sister!

Before getting sick I was working on a new pattern for a cute 3-D hen! Just wait till you see, giggles! Once I have that finished I'll be posting it here, (freebie of course), to share with you all. But....during the process of bringing the pattern to life I realized it could also be used for a turkey, ROFLMBO! So it's taking me a little longer to include that in the pattern but I should have it very soon. I'd love to hear what everyone's been into while I've been away, please post a note and let me know! I hope you've all had lots of fun crafting!

Hugs, Libby