Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kathy - My Primitive Saltbox

Kathy I stand to be corrected and I do apologize to you! The NAP TIME BUNNIES pattern is by Kathy of My Primitive Saltbox. Yesterday ladies I had posted that the pattern was by Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm but Kathy caught my mistake. Kathy I do hope you forgive me for that mistake in my last post. I purchase patterns from lots of you girls and had got 7 from Kathy, including her Nap Time Bunnies. I always try to give the artist credit for their creation(s) but yesterday I got my list of papers mixed up. I had Kathy's list of patterns on top of my stack cuz that's what I was working with, but had moved it. Then when I posted about the bunnies I listed the name on the next list (which was Maureen Mill's) instead of Kathy's. So Kathy I'm terribly sorry about doing that and do apologize.

Thank you Kathy for this most adorable pattern!
Hugs Libs

Friday, March 2, 2012

Found More!

WoooHooo! Was digging through crafting supplies and found a little more beeswax! I had enough for 18 more tapers! The original ones in previous post have sold but am listing 3 more sets of 6 - beeswax tapers on a 12" rod. Remember I can put my other wax tapers on a rod also and you can choose the color/scent for those, or if you want them grunged or plain. I'll only be running these a few more days then you won't see them again till my web site is open so take advantage of these now!

6 - Beeswax Tapers On A 12" Rod - $20 each set. Only 3 2 sets available!  These tapers will be lightly scented in Cinnamon Spice. Or you can choose a taper color, scent, grunged or plain (from previous post below) and choose from 24 tapers, 12 tapers, or 6 tapers on a rod. Contact me with my e-mail button on the right side menu with your choices. Special orders also accepted.

These won't last long so get yours now. I also welcome any questions.

To all of those affected by the recent storms please know you're in our thoughts & prayers.
Sending big warm prim hugs to all, Libs