Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crafting Supplies

While going through and sorting my crafting supplies I thought this would be a great time to mention those old scentless 3 foot cinnamon brooms. I made them last year and ran across a couple I had left over. (Those sold like hot cakes, giggles!) This also reminded me of the tutorial I made for them so I'm sharing this today.

Seasonal Brooms
copyright *2009 Libby Bryant

Don't throw away those cinnamon brooms after the scent has left! Save and use them to make these cute seasonal brooms. Pic above shows brooms I've made for Fall and Halloween.

What you'll need:
36" cinnamon broom
hot glue gun and/or rusty crafting wire
embellishments for your brooms

To make these look more prim weather the brooms by leaving outside a couple weeks, and yes, exposed to the weather, lol! If you plan on adding leaves, pip berry or other vines down the handles, do that first. You can wire or hot glue items in place. Add ornies, or seasonal items depending on the broom you're making. These are quick, simple, and sooooo easy! Here's some more pics for ideas...

Use your imagination on these for any holiday or occasion, and as always, have fun crafting!

Hugs, Libby