Sunday, August 29, 2010

My latest creation....

Hi all, sorry I've been so long in-between posting here but have been taking things easy. Wanted to show you one of my latest creations. I got the idea for this some time before my surgery but never had a chance to get it worked out till now. These are my new Faux Hanging Tobacco Leaves, giggles, and I just love them!

And yelp, I'll be working on the tutorial for them over the next few days so be sure to keep watch for it. I still have a little more to do to these but couldn't wait to show my progress so far! Of course I'll include everything you'll need to know how to make them, plus some extra tips. Gonna have hubs make me an old wood peg board with flat head nails to hang these on and can't wait to see it! These should also be a great selling item at the craft shows/stores, especially with Fall upon us. These are much like the real ones but don't need any care, and dust would be a primitive/colonial accent, LOL! I was just bursting and had to share this with you but will have more and better pics, and the tutorial hopefully very soon. I do hope you'll all like them as much as I do. Till next time, Have Fun Crafting!

Hugs, Libby

 Please note these are a copyright item and my own creation!


  1. These are just amazing, what do you think about letting me add the tutorial to the xmas issue of Down The Primitive Path Ezine.. with a HUGE link back to your blog... ♥♥♥


    love ya bunches Diane

  2. Oh My gosh! They are wonderful! Great Job!!

  3. Can't wait till you post the tutorial for making these. We raise tobacco for many years. Kay