Monday, January 17, 2011

One Awesome Lady!

As I told you before I'd be sharing information about a wonderful person that is sooooo organized, crafty, witty, and has been a tremendous help to so many! (Sorry I didn't get to this sooner ladies but I've been having a go-round with the sinus thing, lol.) Most of you have probably seen her on the forums and she's Tina, or may be better known as "PrimChick." She has various sites full of goodies and information which I'm listing below (courtesy of Tina), but with so much going on in the internet world and blogs today, I wanted to stress that there is help with it all. I seriously need to organize my blog as it grows and I add things to it. The one place you can always turn for help is Tina's "Online Business Junction" site! That site is just choke-full of help for business, blogs, e-mail, and websites. So if you're needing help in any of those areas or just want to update yourself on the current happenings on those things, give that site a visit! (Also notice how neat and tidy her sites/blogs are.) But that's not all....Tina has an artistic side and has wonderful creations! And yip, you guessed it, she also shares her creations and tutorials on her new blog. You don't want to miss her cute prim tutorials either so be sure to visit her blogs/sites! I could ramble on and on, but here's the info on her sites in her own words.....THANK YOU TINA!!! (Now I need to get busy on organizing this blog, lol!)

Tattered Sisters is my new primitive blog. As I've recently closed my online store where I sold prims, I wanted to have another way to keep creating without having my online store. So I thought a new primitive blog would be the perfect solution. I'm posting about past and present prim creations, and from time to time I'll have give-a-ways, and I'll sell some items here and there too. I'll also be sharing links to great primitive tutorials and sites that I find on the Web. I've always loved country and primitive decor and gifts, so this blog will really allow me to keep the primitive world alive in me, and in my home.

These are both online primitive marketplaces, sites where primitive business owners can advertise their websites, and where shoppers can easily find primitive sites where they might like to shop. I also have blogs for both of these sites and topsites lists, along with plugboards for some extra free advertising.
Art Chick Studio is actually the studio I have in backyard, which my husband built for me. It's where I do all my art and my crafting. I do a variety of things there: oil painting, watercolors, stained glass, altered art, paper arts, fabric crafts, and whatever else strikes my fancy at a given time. I also dabble in photography and graphic design. At some point about a year ago, I decided that I'd like to share my creations by blogging, so I created And then later I decided to open an online store where I could sell my creations from time to time, so that's when I opened But selling my creations is never my primary goal. I create art because it's my passion, and because it feeds my soul. If couldn't create, I would be lost. Having the blog and the store primarily allows me to share my creations with others, and I really like that.  I also participate in a lot of art challenges via other blogs, as it's a great way to find inspiration and get my creative juices flowing.
I created OBJ as a means of helping new online business owners find information that would help them run or grow their business. I remember what it was like when I first opened an online business. There is so much you need to know, but you often don't realize how much until you're in the thick of it. So I wanted to provide a website that would be full of resources, tips, information, and links that might help shed some light on some of those less obvious aspects of going into business online. I have always enjoyed helping other people, especially with getting a new website off the ground, or anything related to the Internet, and OBJ really enables me to do that. It has been and continues to be a source of great fulfillment for me.
Tinalicious is the result of my love of writing. I've always enjoyed creative writing, and I also enjoy making people laugh. So I figured that the best way I could put my sense of humor and my creative writing skills to good use would be to start a blog. I blog about everyday life and pop culture, and I try to make it funny along the way. If I can make people laugh, or even just smile, by reading my blog, then that makes me very happy.

WAHM Plugboard is where I sell affordable plugboard hosting for a small annual fee. There are many "free" plugboard hosting sites, but with them you often get malware, spyware, or pop-up ads. That doesn't happen with a WAHM Plugboard. I also offer affordable advertising on the website as well. And WAHM Topsites is a topsites list for ladies with online businesses.
Ladies I can't stress enough how helpful Tina's sites have been to me and she offers this help/information freely. Just browse and bookmark her sites and I'm sure something will attract your attention, something you've wondered about or maybe needing help with. I've also noticed this morning that she's listed a "Primitive Crow in a Bucket" tut on her blog. Completely adorable and thanks for sharing so much with us Tina!
And no, Tina and I are not affiliated in any way....she's just an awesome lady with wonderful talents I wanted to share with you! Now that you have these wonderful resources, get that blog organized, that web site going, those newsletters revised, or what ever else it is that you've been putting off. (And don't forget to grab Tina's freebie tutorials to add to your to-do list, lol!) As always, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all Libby


  1. Thanks Libby! I will have to check her out ~ I'm sure glad someone out there is willing to help those of us who need it.


  2. YW Tanya. Lately I've heard so many needing help with things and knew Tina's sites could really help. So I asked her about sharing this and so glad she did! She's a sweetheart and you'll be amazed at all the information she shares.
    Hugs Libby

  3. Thanks Libby for sharing, Yes Tina has great
    info with a willing heart to share...Not many
    are so willing..I have followed Tina...
    Such a amazing person...
    Blessings../ Hugs Trish :-=)

  4. Thanks for all the kind words, Libby, and Tanya and Trish. It is heartwarming, and much appreciated!