Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awaiting Goodies....

The time is getting closer and I'm awaiting goodies to arrive for my next giveaway! I'm so excited and can't wait to get it all together! I'm thinking I should have all the packages by Monday and be able to post a pic then? If not on Monday then it will be the first part of next week for sure.

And just so you know....I have been working on those tutorials to get them back online. But there's a lot of tuts and crafting recipes to update so it's taking me a bit, as I'm also revising the whole site. And as most of you know, I LOVE playing in wax so I'll have a lot of fun/easy tuts on candle/tart making.

Things have been so hectic around here these past few months with flu bugs, house, and family. I'm sure looking forward to warmer weather and Springtime to arrive! Once again this morning I've heard Spring birds singing and is like music to my ears as I know it's not far off. This also reminds me I need to refill the feeders for our feathered friends! I'm seeing so many wonderful Spring crafts you're all making and if you take time to look around, it will enlighten the heart! Have fun crafting my prim friends!
Hugs to all, Libby


  1. Hi Libby,
    Great minds run the same channel. I updated my blog this morning too. Can't wait to see what you are giving away. Have a great day my friend! May you always hear the spring birds sing.

  2. Betty you're such a sweetheart! I just came from your blog and LOVE all those mustards! You're doing a wonderful job on that blog and I love visiting thru your back door! Always something wonderful to see and the coffee is great too, LOL! But your wonderful friendship is the best part of it all! Big warm hugs to you my friend!
    Girls, go check out all her mustards, LOVE it!
    Hugs Libs

  3. Cant wait to see what you are up to! Looking forward to the tutorials and the giveaway!