Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Days Till Giveaway Drawing!

Only a few more days till the Giveaway drawing which will be on July 31st, 2011! So hurry all who want to enter!

Thought I'd change my bg today and while I intended to show you pics of my new pennies, what better than to make a penny design bg! Although plain and simple for easy reading, it does have a little pizzazz, so I'm happy with it. (Yip, I'm being lazy these days and making simple and quick bg's, LOL!) Enough of my chatter....I wanted to show you pics of my goodies from Karen Martinsen of KM Primitives Penny Rugs! I have been crazy for the cute bee hive penny ever since I first saw it! Completely adorable! Then when I saw the cute Watering Can and Pansy's, had to have that one too! Love Karen's work and the detail is awesome! (Giggles, can you tell I'm excited with my new goodies???) K, here's the pics....

My pics do her awesome creations no justice at all, so go check out her site for better ones, LMBO! And I also got some cute prim dish towels that will look wonderful anywhere I put them, and some cute Spice bags! I can't wait to start priming the house and displaying all my goodies! I honestly hate having all my things packed up and not being able to see them everyday. But very hopefully that will all change soon!

I hope you ladies are excited about the giveaway and wait till you see what I have planned for the next one! (Giggles!) I think I'm getting better at this? With the high heat index crossing most of the states, I hope you all stay cool and out of this humidity! Wishing you a very blessed and wonderful day/weekend! And have fun crafting!
Hugs Libs


  1. OMG! I love them both! I wouldn't be able to decide which one I loved either and would have bought both too! I did go and check out her site...her pennies are to die for. I'm thinking I might have to start saving my pennies so I can buy one.


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  3. Love your pennies, they are just beautiful!

  4. Love those penny rugs, Karen does awesome
    work! Thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Awww Libby...such a great 'plug'...and I'm so HAPPY that you are HAPPY with your purchase. I do believe these are two of my favorites as well and they have SOLD very, very well along with the PATTERN for them as well.


  6. I am waiting, not so patiently, for the drawing!
    HURRY! HURRY!lol

  7. Libby those are beautiful penny rugs.Karen does awesome work.Hugs,Jen

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