Friday, March 2, 2012

Found More!

WoooHooo! Was digging through crafting supplies and found a little more beeswax! I had enough for 18 more tapers! The original ones in previous post have sold but am listing 3 more sets of 6 - beeswax tapers on a 12" rod. Remember I can put my other wax tapers on a rod also and you can choose the color/scent for those, or if you want them grunged or plain. I'll only be running these a few more days then you won't see them again till my web site is open so take advantage of these now!

6 - Beeswax Tapers On A 12" Rod - $20 each set. Only 3 2 sets available!  These tapers will be lightly scented in Cinnamon Spice. Or you can choose a taper color, scent, grunged or plain (from previous post below) and choose from 24 tapers, 12 tapers, or 6 tapers on a rod. Contact me with my e-mail button on the right side menu with your choices. Special orders also accepted.

These won't last long so get yours now. I also welcome any questions.

To all of those affected by the recent storms please know you're in our thoughts & prayers.
Sending big warm prim hugs to all, Libs


  1. Libby. love these. Just sent you an e-mail to order.
    ps: Do you know that you have that nasty word verification thingy on your blog? It makes it so hard to post.

  2. Yeahhhh, you got lucky lady.
    Love your tapers Libby.