Monday, March 4, 2013

Clarification on "Crafty Prim Sista's Giveaway"

It has been brought to my attention again that some can not leave a comment on my blog. This is an issue from blogger and beyond my control. IF you are one that can not comment here, please kindly leave a comment on Deb's blog for ME. You should have two comments on Deb's blog, one for her and one for me. I do apologize for this but it's beyond my control. Thank you so kindly. 

First, I (and blogger), were having problems with people trying to leave comments on my blog. Some left comments on Deb's blog but couldn't on mine. That should all be fixed now but if for some reason you still can not leave a comment please contact me and I'll do it for you manually.

I also would like to clarify that this is a joint giveaway, what I called a double whammy. This means with Deb and I, in joint efforts to host this giveaway, there will be one lucky person to win both Deb's goodies and mine. And this actually gives you two chances to win the goodies as the rules are you have to leave a comment on both blogs. So that's like a double entry.

Also, Dolly and Toni made a "guess how many" guess on my blog before I had the jar on my blog. You two ladies will need to re-enter your guess as I didn't have my blog set up for that yet. And, we don't want to leave anyone out of this giveaway. If you see an item that is in mine or Deb's goodies that have been purchased from you, and if you win the giveaway, we will replace that item with a surprise item of equal value. So please don't feel you can't enter the giveaway just because there's something from your store or an item that you sell in our giveaway goodies.

Now as for the original giveaway post (which you can see in previous post), here are the original same rules with clarified revisions. When commenting for the giveaway please leave your comments in the original post below and not here.

For starters, let's go over what needs to be done to enter the giveaway.... 

 1- You must be a follower. 
 2- You must leave a comment on the original giveaway post. 
 3- You must share it in your sidebar (IF you have a blog) with links to both blogs. 
 My link: 
 Deb's link: 
 4- Post it to your FB page (IF you have one). 
 5- Sorry, but US Resident entries only. 
6- Make a "guess how many" marbles are in the jar pictured below. (Hint: The jar is 5" high by 4" square.) 7- Good luck to you all!

So the first person to guess the correct number, or by Saturday the 9th, if no one has guessed correctly, we will find the person who came the closest and announce the winner Saturday. (Dolly & Toni please re-enter your guess now that I have the jar shown on my blog.)

As for my other goodies I will be posting another pic today. I have more goodies that are due to arrive in the mail today and IF hubby can pick those up for me then I'll post pics of them later this evening. He's not for sure if he can make it to the PO today after work in time to get them. So if I don't have them posted later this evening then I'll get that done tomorrow. IF you have any questions or having problems commenting, please contact me. We wish for everyone to be able to enter.

Warm prim hugs to all, Libby.


  1. Hi Libby...I already signed up at Deb's and guessed 210 marbles.
    And also in your current post!
    Goodness, I've covered my you know what in many places...LOL