Monday, November 23, 2009

I've Discovered Something Awesome!

Hi everyone, sorry I've been silent so long. I've been working on some new Christmas and New Year's projects. I'll discuss the new projects later but I wanted to mention that I got my inspiration for them from Colleen at Harvest House Primitives! Colleen has been posting free vintage holiday graphics on her blog and I'm loving every one! You can get them on her blog: Harvest House Primitives Blogspot, and on her website: Harvest House Primitives.

Why am I so excited about this? After grabbing some of Colleen's awesome graphics my mind was flooded with prim creations! Of course I'll be sharing these things, thanks to Colleen! But I wanted to say if you haven't visited Colleen's blog or site, go take a peek. I'm not affiliated with her in any way, I just discovered her wonderful blog/site/products and wanted to share them, she's a sweetheart. I'm crazy for her creations, she has so many wonderful things. Besides keeping you up to date on her creations and posting graphics, I saw her mention "Bear Bears Best Biscuits." Having a fur baby of my own I had to check that out: Bear Bears Best Biscuits. I was so sad for her loss of her fur baby but I'm so glad I found that she's making his favorite biscuits. I've been looking for some natural healthy treats for my fur baby, so thanks Colleen for sharing those with us! And while I'm raving over her creations I might as well mention her adorable wreaths, santa and snowmen ornies that are 2 cute! You'll just have to browse around at all of her wonderful creations yourself to see what I mean.

Okay, now that I've shared a wonderful blog/site with you, let's get onto some holiday crafting treats using Colleens graphics! One thing I've been itching to make are these simple yet so prim Christmas stockings. Tutorial found here: Skinny Christmas Stocking. I wanted to do these in a different twist from the everyday holiday fabric prints so the graphics were the perfect answer! I'll make my own holiday prints using the graphics and this "printing on fabric" tutorial:  How to Print on Fabric. I must say I was soooo afraid to try this tut in fear of messing up my printer, but once I tried it I absolutely LOVE it! It was so easy and printing directly on the fabric feels and looks so much better than the iron on transfer sheets that I always used before. To make my own fabric print designs I opened my graphics editing software and started a new project in the 8-1/2" x 11" sheet size. I then started resizing and pasting the vintage graphics in it, mixing and turning them how ever I desired. And here are a couple results for that, one for Valentine's and the other for New Year's, you can use them in your projects if you wish:

Valentine's Day
New Year's Day

Next I'll take the printed out fabric sheets and use them for the stocking pattern. Remember you can mix n match, twist n turn these fabric sheets to make your stocking completely adorable! And how about saving and using the scrap pieces for making ornies? You could piece them together using the rag quilt technique making them even more interesting! Once you finish the stocking pattern with these fabric printed graphic sheets you can make them glitter and shine with your other embellishments, and don't forget to add a cute prim tag!

And here's another reason I'm so excited about using the graphics....I'll be using them on projects including wood shelves, prim wood boxes, prim tags, candle sleeves and mats, and signs, just to name a few. Of course I'll be sharing these projects with you as I complete them. I hope I've got your creative juices stirred up and you're running to get pen and paper, lol! Please share your ideas with us by posting a comment! PS- I just heard from Colleen that she'll be posting more graphics today!


  1. How and Colleen!! I think your ideas are wonderful. I love the vintage photos and transfering them onto fabric can be done in several ways. I like yours... not so messy! I'm excited for all of the ideas our prim sisters help stir up!! Libby... what is the graphics editing software that you use? I am so computer challenged so who knows if this computer even has that program. Please post that so if I don't have it when we get our new computer next'll be on my wish list for a program to get! Have a wonderful holiday and Libby...thanks for the uplifting and upbeat blog! Love it...thanks to Colleen to as well for her unselfish giving of those vintage photos! Hugs, Dawn

  2. Thanks for the great links Libby!!

  3. Thanks Dawn and please share any info you desire, we'd love to hear! I purchased PSP - Jasc Paint Shop Pro Ver 7.04, 10th Anniversary Edition some years back when I was doing graphics and websites. I absolutely love it and have stayed with it. However, the later versions, after the company was bought out, were terrible in my opinion and was never the same software. You can also find free GIMP which is supposed to be fantastic from what I hear: Others like Photo Shop but that has a very pricey price tag, lol. I would suggest trying several out before purchasing anything. If you're just wanting to resize graphics and photos try Photo-Resizer, free on the web. Hope that helps Dawn. PS- LOVE that article you wrote on your blog!

  4. YW Debra and I see you have an awesome sale on your blog!