Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Couple Graphic Sheets

Here I'm posting two more graphic sheets you might find useful. Both are Christmas but are different from the previous two.

Christmas 3

Christmas 4


  1. Oh my goodness Libby!!! What you have done with these graphics is nothing short of perfection!
    They are all so beautiful and I had to save to a folder with your name on it. Oh boy my mind is just reeling with new ideas, you go girl!!!!

  2. Many thanks to you for the graphics Colleen! Your graphics have given me so many ideas/uses too! I'm even working on some freebie blog templates, lol! I hope they turn out nice. Be sure to share on your blog your creations so we can all peek!


  3. I am working on a post for my blog of your graphic sheets, everyone needs to see these, I'm lovin' the template idea!!!
    Hope you are having a Blessed Thanksgiving I know I am thanks to you!!!