Sunday, November 13, 2011

What A Job!

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a while (again!), but as most know I've been cleaning, moving, rearranging, and de-hoarding all my stuff, LOL! Some time back, I had got another outside storage bldg from my nephew. (Bless his heart!) So I decided to set up and separate my crafting areas. Little did I know just what a job this would be! And while going through some of the "stuff" I'm beginning to believe son & hubs were right about me being a "hoarder!" (Shameless to say.) It got to the point where it's just too hard to sort things and have them in their proper place. Instead I have them scattered and boxed everywhere. (Come on girls, I know some of you can identify with me on this one!) Things being this out of hand cuts down on crafting time, as we all know, so I'm cleaning and rearranging things. With all this I'm sorting through things and thinning them out, so I'm having a "Yard Sale" and you can look for various things to be listed at Rusty Shed Crafts shortly.

And since I've been slack on my blog and crafting fun, I'm gearing up for another giveaway. I'll be listing more information about that later but as always, entries will be simple. I got very close to having my new tutorial site finished but that was delayed too. Hopefully I can get to that soon as there's lots of quick n easy, last minute ideals for simple crafts. And you never know when one thing might inspire you for a whole new creation.

I've been looking around as I can, at all the wonderful new creations and patterns some of you have made, and I love all that I'm seeing!  There's such awesome talent out there and I love seeing other's work/creations. Seems like everyone's been extra busy this year and hope you all enjoy a wonderful season with your goodies! Till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libs

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