Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If You Can't Beat Them.....

"If you can't beat them, then join them." Giggles, that includes the weather! I've enjoyed several Spring-like days but the forecast is bringing us in some snow. Since I can't change the weather I may as well enjoy it, right? (At least try anyway.) Don't mean to complain, I just don't like the cold.

This evening I have several things to chat about. First, I got somewhat of a display working till I get more needful things made for the kitchen. I put the plate rack over the crock stand and so far everything is okay, but I can't display all my pewter plates so need a larger one. I'm keeping it there and will change out the prim goodies later, but for now here is what I have (and notice all my wonderful pestles).

My pestles came from Kay and her hubby Jerry. They're a wonderful team and make all kinds of awesome goodies! (Including the smaller trencher on the second shelf -which you can't see too well in this pic.) My pestles are all different shapes, sizes, and designs. Once I get all my kitchen displays settled the way I want/need things, I'll take lots of close up pics so you can see the awesome detail in them. After finishing the shelf, I started working on a pattern by Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm. Although I got about 9 of her patterns the first one I chose to work on was "Mood Swing." From the first time I saw this pattern I LOVED it and just had to have it. (Thank you Maureen for all your wonderful patterns!) I didn't have all the supplies I needed so had to improvise on a couple of them. Here's my finished dolls and think they turned out pretty good. Next I'll be making a bench for them....

Aren't these completely adorable and so funny! I just love the "smug" expressions on their faces, LOL! Included in the pattern are complete instructions for making even their cute lil' purses! Every time I pass by and see them I can't help but giggle! And no, I'm not associated with Maureen or Sweet Meadows Farm in any way. But you should know by now when I really like something I have to share, and I just love these dolls! I'll take more pics after their bench is made and try to bring out some details.

With all the storms coming our way I hope you all stay safe n warm. Till next time "have fun crafting!"
Hugs to all, Libs


  1. Well I can see why you love those ladies. They are stunniing. You did a great job. Love the shelf display also. Oh I love snow. Wish we would get some, but I think some cold weather is in the forcast. There were storms and tornados when we arrived at the hotel tonight. Thank goodness they were in a neighboring county. That is why I had rather have cold weather. I am terrifed of storms. Take care and stay warm.

  2. Thank you Angela. I'll trade you the snow for your getaway right now, lol! It must be nice being in NC with all those wonderful shops and hope you find lots of them. Enjoy your trip and shopping, stay safe and keep us updated!
    Hugs Libs

  3. Good morning Libby, Love your display! Glad to see all your "prim goodies". Those dolls are so perfect! You are a master crafter.

  4. Morning Libby..I love the new color of your walls...and the gathering there is very, nice. Don't see that you need much more but I do understand the need to display the things that there isn't room for. Hope you find just the right piece.
    Goodness I giggle too when I look at those about mood swings...there are days my mouth dips down like that a lot! lol

  5. Love the new look and decor . Need to give ya a call . (-: . I enjoyed having someone to chat with .