Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Interface & Giveaway....

Well it's been a while again, LOL! So how is everyone liking this new blogger interface....having any problems? Most of us don't like change (especially just when we're getting used to something) and I'm included. It will take some time to get used to this new look but as long as I can do the basic functions I'll be happy, lol! And all my friends know I STILL haven't got the swing of FaceBook down, (I'm on the floor and know my friends are too). But I wanted to take time and see what everyone's into and mention my upcoming giveaway. (Yip, I'm LONG overdue for that!)

I also want to say how happy I am for a friend that just gave me some GREAT news! Sorry, but I won't mention any names or give away her special moment. GF I was so happy when you told me and I'm doin a happy dance with you! But I KNEW you could do it, always have, never a doubt in my mind! You & hubby are fantastic!

Now for my long overdue giveaway....
I've been shopping again for some goodies that I'm putting together. I'll post pics of things later, but will let you know I'm putting together a mix of Prim/Colonial things for it that I think anyone can enjoy having. And as you all know, my entry requirements are always simple. I'm looking to do this around the first of next week so keep an eye on my blog for all that.

Some of you know that my hubby is gone on a fishing tournament that he finally qualified for. I have to admit, I'm like a lost pup! We've been married 32 yrs last Feb but I STILL miss him every day he goes out to work, just as I did when we were first married. We're seldom apart so I hate it when he leaves. I'm cheering him on, praying for his safety, yet wishing he were here, lol! We have the grand babies here and going to school, so I have a lot to keep me busy and preoccupied even though I'm still a mess. The babies are doing great in school and will graduate K on the 22nd of this month! I can only imagine how cute they will be in their little caps & gowns! And of course I'll try to get lots of pics. Will hush for now but will give updates on my giveaway early next week. I do hope everyone's having fun crafting and getting ready for all those shows!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libby


  1. loooking foward to the pictures

  2. Can't wait to see those pretty babies

  3. Can't wait to see the little cuties pictures!!

  4. looking forward to see those precious little ones

  5. I have a question about the cute, cute sunflower heads you made. What sizes are the two circles for the patterns.