Friday, August 17, 2012

Back To Crafting!

Yeah! I'm finally back to crafting and lovin every minute of it! Daughter is finally back home and I've been enjoying the past couple weeks with getting back into my crafts. I've had so much fun working up some patterns I had to put on the back burner but will share pics with you. I'll try to re-cap and post pics of everything I've worked on, so be patient, lol!

First, and I dearly LOVE this new pattern, I have a Primitive (dried) Pineapple. The pattern is by Willow Creek Crossing and is totally awesome! These pineapples are a must for any prim/colonial decor and look fantastic any where you display them! They are 13" tall and look much like the real fruit. (If interested in anything listed below contact me and I'd be happy to make it for you.)

I also made the cutest Day Cap from this link: I made mine plain for more of a colonial look, without the ruffles n lace. I made this using #60 grade cheesecloth and think it turned out pretty good if I say so myself, lol!

I've had a bonnet pattern by Kathy of My Primitive Saltbox for some time and wanted to try it, so these "Buggy Bonnets" were next.....

And a close-up of the detail....(over look my crafting area mess, I'm still getting things set up, lol).

After those I decided I wanted to make a bonnet peg board to hang all the bonnets I'm making on it. So the slat style bonnet was next in line. After making this one I discovered this style bonnet will look much better done in the lighter prints or plain muslin to show the slat stitching detail. This pattern is a net freebie, just look up slat bonnet and you'll find it. I have other style bonnets I'll be making to hang on my bonnet peg board and will show those later.

I love the slat style bonnets and maybe you can see more detail in this pic....

And since I'll be working on some grapevine wreaths I made some adorable sunflower ornies to add on. (I have the freebie pattern for these in my share box.) I love how these turned out as I love the raggedy edge look to the sunflowers, plus they're the perfect size to use as embellishments (as I was doing) or for bowl filler - shelf tucks. Ladies I'm so sorry! Forgot to add the pattern in with the tut. I've uploaded the pattern in my share box, "so.jpg" so save that to your puter then print full page size. If you have problems getting it from the share box, you can also get it here:  
Sorry about that!

Next I created a large 18" Sunflower Door/Wall Hanger pattern (thanks to a special friend) and this is a pic of the sample....(please note this is a sample pic only and this sunflower hanger will have other embellishments when completed....I'll post pics of that later)........

And last pic I'll show for today is this adorable "Cookies Anyone?" gingy doll by Sweet Meadows Farm. I've had this pattern for some time too and just now getting around to making it, but I LOVE these adorable gingy dolls with attitude, lol! I have four more waiting for clothing, each with different facial expressions, and will have different color clothing. I've hand painted the faces except for stitching the nose. (The pattern calls for stitching other facial features but I painted them instead.) The completed doll measures 13" tall and is a must for any "gingy" lover/collector!

It's been so long since my last blog post and I am excited being back with my crafts, so keep watch for more creations as I complete them and share my tutorials. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs to all, Libs


  1. welcome back had to pin the sunflowers

  2. Just letting you know your word verification is on some won't leave comments with it being on as its a pain to type in the verification codes

    1. Thanks Tam, I had that turned off, must have went to default with new interface? I took it back off, please let me know if it hasn't changed.
      Hugs Libs

  3. Just now uploaded the sunflower pattern in my share box. You can also get it from the link in the updated post. Sorry about that girls!
    Hugs Libs