Friday, July 12, 2013

Spice Cupboard Make-Over

Well I finally got the make-over on the lil spice cupboard finished and like how it turned out. I had intentions of using a wire type screen on the doors but when I got my roll of screen I saw it wasn't the wire type. So the small block wire, or better known as rabbit wire was used instead. I really like the look of that much better than what I had in mind so all things worked out great. Here are my before and after pics....





Don't we all just love what a few simple make-over changes can do to anything! This little spice cupboard is so much happier now, giggles, and so am I. A special thanks to all you ladies helping me decide what color to paint it. It's hard to see the true Mustard color with all the camera flash and lighting. It is a lot darker than these pics show, but then again you all know that I don't get along well with cameras, LOL! And now you can also see how the lil prim spice jar labels look on them in the cupboard. (Tut for the labels are in my share box on right side menu.)
Hope you've enjoy the make-over and I'll be finishing some pumpkins from last Fall (LMBO), next. Yip, trying to finish some abandoned projects from last year, but wait till you see these awesome pumpkins!
Till next time, have fun crafting!
Prim hugs, Libs


  1. Love it did you use the same doors and somehow cut the lattice out?

  2. Thanks Tammy. Yes, same doors. The lattice panels were fairly easy to remove, just had to be careful not to break the door frame edge around them.

  3. Very beautiful make-overs. Mustard is such a great prim color. The before and after photos are great. Sometimes I forget to make the before photo :)

  4. What a this remake.- And the color!

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