Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wonderful Pumpkins!

I finally knocked another thing off my to-do list and that was to finish the pumpkins I started last Fall, LOL! It feels great getting some of these unfinished projects completed. This isn't my pattern but a pattern by Willow Creek Crossing. A friend told me about her patterns last Fall so when I visited her page I saw the awesome Pineapples and just had to get it! Then a few weeks later she released these pumpkins which I flipped over! I LOVE the look of these pumpkins and all the careful detail she's put into this pattern. Please note: I'm not affiliated with Willow Creek Crossing in any way, just like to share awesome goodies with you. Enough of my chattering, here are the adorable pumpkins I'm raving about....(and yes, you get all 3 pumpkins in the one pattern)!

As you all know I'm not good with the camera and I haven't made a nice display for these pumpkins yet. But I also want to add that they're life size pumpkins! And in case you've forgotten the pineapples here is my pic of those that I made last year....

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my pics today and I'll be posting more as I get other projects completed.
Till next time, have fun crafting!
Prim hugs, Libs


  1. Libby they are beautiful...you are one creative lady!
    I love those Pineapples...do you sell them???

  2. Hi Libby, I too fell in love with the pineapples. I have mine to the point of adding the stems. Your look great as well as the pumpkins. Might have to order that pattern also. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Karen. I'll be making some pineapples in about a week so if interested send me an e-mail.

    Thanks Angela. Would love to see your pineapple when finished! Yes, you'll love the pumpkin pattern too! She's done such a wonderful job on both those patterns.

    Hugs Libs

  4. Libby, those pumpkins are fantastic! The pineapple! Oh my. I am going to tell Marla to get over here and look at that.

  5. Thanks Betty. I love these fabric pineapples but want to try Lynne's tut for the dried "real" pineapples. I bought some from a friend last year but have never tried them so would like to give it a whirl. Lynne makes it look so easy but I'm sure I'll have to ask her for help, lol!
    Hugs Libs

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