Thursday, December 8, 2016

Countdown Is On!

Giggles, the countdown till Christmas is on! I'm so excited! And IF you'll notice in my right side menu I have a cute lil countdown graphic! 😊 I created the graphic using some of the purchased graphics from Trina Clark of DigiScrapKits. But as for the counter itself, I found this WONDERFUL tutorial for making your own here at Jinglebell Junction by Monica Mays! She takes you step by step through her tutorial for making your own and even gives you coding for her counter if you desire!

I must admit, when I first put it on my blog I had to make some changes to accommodate the width, but no problem. Next I noticed it had -715 days so I knew something wasn't right. I checked the coding and the "new date" section it had December 25, 2014, giggles, so I found my problem! Just remember to change that part when making your own or using her's. 😉 Another thing to note with the coding is changing your image link location (if not using her's). You'll find that section at the first part of the coding where it has background img url. 😉 Change from her link location to your image location. I also noticed she has her countdown background image as a .png file, which has a transparent background. I too wanted mine transparent to look neater on my blog. 😊

Next, I'd like to share with you an adorable crafting tutorial for making cute lil soldier ornies from clothespins! Aren't these completely adorable! 😍 (You'll see when you follow the link!)

Clothespin Soldier Ornaments

I don't care too much for the pompom hats so will make my own for a more prim look, but what an awesome cute tutorial/ornie! 😊

Oh, and just one more before I leave!.......I know you'll love this one too! I luv the old world style Santas and this ornie is perfect for me! I can imagine it all prim style! 😍

Old World Santa Claus Christmas Ornament

I hope you've all had fun with your Winter crafts, shows, and decorating. And I hope these tutorial links may be that something extra you may have been looking for? 😉  Till next time, have fun crafting!

Warm prim hugs, Libz  ðŸ˜Š

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