Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas Shopping....

Hi all, I forgot to show you some goodies I got for myself and wanted to post these before the New Year began. Don't you just LOVE shopping for yourself, LOL? To start with I had Kay & hubby make me this wonderful hand carved dough bowl/trencher. He did an excellent job on it and I'm tickled pink! I had been looking for one just the right size for my small table, yet I wanted a good size as I love the large ones. So he made this one 24" long for me and it will be the perfect fit! (I told Kay once I get a larger table to look out....cause I'll be back for a larger one, LMBO!) And how sweet of them to include the hand carved scoop! To Kay & hubby I thank you both so very much! (This was my Christmas gift to myself, lol!) Visit Kay & hubby here:  Kentucky Hillbilly Crafters

And I got these from PrimSignMaker Tammy! She makes wonderful creations and I LOVE all my seasonal tree ornies! They're perfect for my new cinnamon twig tree. She also made some of my signs by special order. Tammy you do wonderful work and I thank you for all my goodies! (Of course you know I'll be back for more too, giggles.) And the packaging was sooooo cute! You can find Tammy in most of the forums or contact me and I'll link you up with her! (Yip, I'm urging her to get a blog going, lol!)


Of course my bad pics don't do her wonderful signs any justice, you'll just have to get some and see for yourself. Also thanks Tammy for the extra goodies you put in my box, love it all!

Next I took a little trip to Tricia's store and got even more wonderful goodies! She & hubby Ken were so kind and helpful to me, they're WONDERFUL people and if you've shopped with them, you already know this. I got these last minute goodies and wished I had went there sooner, but of course I'll be venturing back, lol! First is my favorite and it turned out to be little Sassy's favorite too as she had him playing with him for some time before I realized he was missing, lol. (For those of you that don't know, Sassy, my grand daughter, is my little crafter & helper. She's always into everything I do and LOVES anything to do with crafts/crafting!) And again, such cute wrapping! Thanks Tricia & Ken for all my wonderful goodies! And you can find Tricia's store here: Hillcrest Home Prims

As you can see I had a blast shopping for myself and wished I would have started sooner. And to Kay & hubby, Tammy, and Tricia & hubby, thank you all so very much, you made my Christmas wonderful!

And one last thing I must include is this awesome Christmas RAK I got from Jody! She knew this was one of my favorites and totally surprised me with it! I LOVE him dearly Jody you're such a sweetheart, and I can never thank you enough! Isn't he completely adorable!!! And look at that cute Christmas card....it has real fur on Santa's suit, lol, awesome!

I hope you've enjoyed look at my pics and sharing some of my Christmas joy, lol! Next time I'll be posting about a WONDERFUL girl that is into so much, she's sooooo creative, and smart as it comes! And did I forget to say "COMPLETELY ORGANIZED?" You won't want to miss this as there's tons of helpful information we can ALL use and need, plus she has some wonderful creations she's sharing in her crafting tuts! As you know I said before I was going to clean up my act here on this blog (LMBO), and get things more organized. She was the source of my inspiration for doing so and I have been reading, following her for some years now. I've learned so much and I know she's helped countless others! This PrimChick really has her stuff together so be sure to watch for my next post as I'll be sharing more info and links.

Hope everyone is crafting for the upcoming holidays and getting ready for the Spring season!
Hugs to all, Libby


  1. I can't believe you need help with organization, with all you do! You are the best!

  2. I love the bowl! Kay and her hubby do wonderful work. He puts so much work into one. I am hoping to be able to display one here someday. Tammy is a friend too and she does makes some great signs!

    Stay warm,


  3. Betty thanks for the vote of confidence but I'm a mess, LOL! After surgery I'm so behind on things and wasn't that organized to begin with. But thank you, you're a sweetheart!

    Debbie I agree, Kay showed me pics of him making my bowl in progress and there's so much work in making them! I would LOVE to see yours when you have it ready so please let us know when you do. Yes, Tammy is a sweetheart too and I think she'll be doing a blog after she gets some health issues lined out.

    I'm hoping to start priming my house after the New Year so I'll be able to show my bowl again later. I ordered some Belani Apples from DebT for it and I know that's going to make an awesome display!

  4. Lib-O I loved your post and all the great things you ordered. I am happy that you loved everything we sent you from our selling blog that you ordered!

    You are the sweeties and you rock, you ALWAYS have everything in order, I agree with Betty!
    Love you friend,