Friday, September 16, 2011

What Do You Create For.......

Good morning to all, woke up to a chilly 46 degree this morning....brrrrr! Hope you're enjoying this "Fall Weather" we seem to be getting a little early!

It's nothing much but wanted to share something I've created to go with my dolls, etc. I originally thought of these for my "mousies" as you all know I'm crazy for them (except the real ones, lol)! But then was thinking about them and know they would go well with snowmen, pumpkin dolls, or just about any creation like that! I suppose some could even use them in their miniature displays? Anyway, they're so easy to make and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun making them for your creations. And please share things you make as accessories to go with your dolls, etc. I'd love to see other's ideas/creations as well!

These are mini tapers that I'll put in my doll hands as candles. I use white string for the new looking candles and black string to make them look used or like they have been burned. Simply melt some wax (please use caution and follow basic instructs) then dip your string allowing it to cool a little in-between dips. When the wax is built up to the desired thickness trim the bottom edge with a sharp knife (like an X-acto knife). You can use the string to hang them till ready to use, then cut the string and trim it to desired length. If you're not into wax don't worry, just melt an old left over candle, t-lite, or what ever. You can even dip them in wax from a jar candle on a warmer plate! And of course if you want them to look grungy then roll in spices quickly after dipping, then dip again. You can repeat that several times if desired, just watch the size of the candle so you won't get it too large in diameter. Another accessory I like to use with smaller things (again such as my mice) are the cute little putka pods that we use in our potpourri. You can either glue or wire one of them in the hands of your creations. Or try making a mini garland with them, just too cute! Nancy has some nice ones she sells at: Jersey Hill Prim Potpourri.

For my Christmas mice, I love using the little light strands and displaying with a tree. (Sample in pic below. And please note that mouse pattern is by Wendy of StagLanePrimitives. Just love her mousies too!) You can get the mini light strands here or on ebay: American Wood Crafters Supply. Just scroll down page and you'll see them. 

Wendy also has patterns for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas mice, their little costumes are too cute! You can find her patterns here on ebay and she also has an Etsy store: Stag Lane Primitives. Here's some I created for my little Salesman Sample cast iron stoves:

There's lots of accessories we can use to make our creations look much better. Please share with us some of the things you use. Till next time, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby


  1. Those little mice are just too cute! That's a great idea for the candles! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh Libby, I love your mice. They are too cute!

  3. Hi Libby...what adorable little candles....they will look great with almost anything small and prim!

    Love your mice.