Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Second One....

I'm so excited! (Giggles!) I've been working on making some of the gingy dolls from Sweet Meadows Farm pattern, "Cookies Anyone?" and just love how they're coming along! I have 5 dolls made but only 2 of them are finished, so still 3 more to go! I loved how the first one (in red) turned out, then after getting the 2nd one done, I like her just as well. I think these cute lil gingy dolls have attitude, lol! Maureen tells you to make different facial expressions and that's what I'm doing with mine. The 2nd finished doll (blue dress) is pouting and just melts your heart! I'll keep the pics rolling as I finish my dolls. One of my dreams is to create a prim/colonial "child's room" and these dolls will be right at home there!

First doll....

Second doll....

And I just love the lil Windsor chair she's sitting in! Got that from a sweet girl named Renee. Hope to post pic of another finished doll in a day or so. Keep watch and till next time....Have Fun Crafting!
Warm prim hugs, Libs


  1. Oh my goodness, these came out adorable...Love them! Can't wait to see the rest:)

  2. Luv the second one that expression is adorable, Great Work keep them coming, the red one is cute to but the red and white kinda looks Valentine Dayish to me.

  3. Thanks for turning off word verification I'm sure we all appreciate it

  4. Thanks girls, and please note I uploaded the sunflower pattern in my share box or you can get it from the link in that updated post.
    Hugs Libs

  5. These turned out adorable! I've made several of these ginger dolls and fell in love with them!!

  6. Libby they are so cute, I think my pick would have to the blue one as my favorite, love her little expression on her face it is just how I feel somedays.