Monday, September 3, 2012

Time For Pumpkins!

I'm sure you all know how I LOVE Summer and wished it could stay longer, lol! Seeing the leaves turn and falling lets me know I have to give in and accept Fall is here. Maybe not in it's full glory but it is here. One of my favorite things for Fall are those wonderful pumpkins! Why?, cause you can display them so many ways and they can be used from the beginning of Fall, all the way through Thanksgiving! By simply changing a few things in your gathering, the same pumpkin can be used for everyday Fall, then changed for fun Halloween time, then changed again for Thanksgiving. Now how simple and easy is that!

Anyway, we're having a Fall Centerpiece challenge on "The Crafter's Nestled Nook" forum and for mine I've created a pumpkin. It's another plain and simple pumpkin but this year I wanted more real-looking leaves, and this is what I think made the plain-jane pumpkin turn out nice. First I searched the web for real pumpkin leaf images and when I found one I liked, I made a pattern from it. I have them in 3 different sizes to put on top of the pumpkins, large, medium, and small. I wanted the pumpkin body to be smooth but wanted the leaves to be more coarse and rugged. So here's how my pumpkin turned out (and please note this IS NOT my centerpiece pic, lol).....


I'll be sharing the pumpkin leaf tutorial soon. If you love creating your own goodies, regardless of crafting style, come over and join us at  "The Crafter's Nestled Nook." This forum is for crafters of all crafting styles and there's so many tutorials/links to explore. Have fun with us and show us your Fall Centerpiece, we'd love to see what you've created! Till next time my prim friends, have fun crafting!
Hugs to all, Libby