Sunday, April 22, 2018

Zinc Lid Ornie Graphics

Hi y'all! Got the graphics finished for the zinc lid ornies! 😄 There are five sets to choose from, all sets have same farm animals but different backgrounds. These should be printed out on card stock and are for the regular size lids. I'll post graphics for the wide mouth lids later. 😉
There are lots of how-to's on the web, so if you need help do a search for the "Zinc Lid Ornaments." I'll give you a quick how to so you can be sure and have your supplies ready for making them...

Print graphics on card stock paper or glue printed graphics on thin cardboard like a cereal box. Cut graphics as close to black ring as possible for best fit. Try not to cut into the ring, stay on the outside of it. If you want to hang your ornies get rusty wire, ribbons, twine...what ever you want. Most use a nail to make a hole in side of lids, one on either side. (I can't bring myself to destroying a beautiful vintage lid so I wrap mine in wire or whatever I'm using for the hanger. I may want to later use the lid for a different purpose.) Insert the wire (or whatever) thru the holes or wrap and glue around lid. You don't have to hang these, they look great grouped together in an old bowl or on a shelf! Fit your graphic circle inside lid to make sure it fits well, then trim or glue in place. Some use cheesecloth or other thin fabrics under their graphic circle, or glue pipe cleaners (whatever) around the inside. Use your own imagination here. 😉  You can also add a nice pip berry string around the outside of lids if desired.

These farm animal ornies are for everyday use and should sell well for you throughout the year. 😊  I'll make and share other holiday graphics for making these, later of course, LOL!  There are six different animals in each set. Please do not claim these graphics as your own or share them. Send your friends here to my blog so they can get their own AND be getting the original size needed for printing. Hope you like and enjoy making these adorable lil ornies!

These have a Dark Stain background:

These have a Music sheet background:

These have a Light Stain background:

These have Writing and a Postage Stamp background:

And last, these have just plain Writing in the background:

I'd love to see what you create with these! Till next time, have fun crafting!
Warm prim hugs, Libz