Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and had a wonderful time with family and friends! I wish to thank each and everyone of you for the Christmas cards you sent. They are absolutely beautiful and I'm making a special board to keep them on!

After our power outage was restored it only lasted a couple of days till we lost it again, LOL! But I'm glad it's back on again and hope all others have theirs restored also. Seems people everywhere were hit pretty bad with that storm and we have yet another one coming this week end. Just hope it isn't as bad as the last. I've been very busy with several things now that Christmas is over. I decided to post all my tutorials on my site (since I have plenty space there) and link to them from here. So far I have 12 of them finished and instead of giving individual links, the link I place here will take you to one page (Tutorials) where you can browse them. I'm making it like an everyday web page with a menu on the left side listing all the tutorials. I think this way it will make things much easier for me to add newer ones as I go along. Like many of you I've also been cleaning, rearranging my crafting rooms. This morning I've been busy washing silicone molds and I didn't realize I had collected sooooo many of them, LOL! (But I LOVE those designer tart molds!) I think I'll take the next month or two off from crafting so I can get things as I want them around here. But of course I already have Valentine's Day and Easter things in the making. I also want to take that time for my blog and website. I have several things planned and hope I can get them all rolling for the new year. I do have to get busy again and will say to keep watch for the link, hopefully to be posted in a couple days. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! Warm hugs and blessing sent your way, Libby.


  1. Have a wonderful New Year Libby!

  2. Cool blog! I just found ya from A Primitive Journey! Awesome now I can follow ya and see what is new!