Friday, March 19, 2010

Picnic Table Creations, LOL!

Here's what I worked on yesterday at my picnic table. It was such a beautiful sunny day, as today is also, that I had to break and enjoy some sunshine. The first pic are my cutting boards. Hubs cut these for me last year (LMBO) and they've been in the wood "to-do" box till now. I have more I'll be working on later, each one different. Yes, I love cutting boards too!

Next is my wall shelf hubs made me while making my stove board. Just now getting around to finishing it too. It has a rusty wire going across front so I can use bowls or what ever I want to display on the shelf area. Under neath the shelf are rusty square head nails for hanging my Colonial tapers and other things on. You can't see them in the pic but they're there, lol. I just love how this turned out, painted it several times, has red and wood showing through the black.

Next are my two star hook wall hanger boards. The first is the smaller one with 3 star hooks done in black. The second is larger with 4 star hooks in mustard. I'm very happy with these too!

Daughter came in and saw them and wanted to take the black one home with her, lol. Told her I had to take pics, she could get it later. I love the star hooks and use them several hold my curtain panels back (instead of using tie backs), to drape homespun over for a window topper, and when put on the boards they're cute for the porch as umbrella holders/hangers. So many uses for those and I think they're the perfect size. Well, there you have it, that's what I've been busy doing. And have more things to finish today. And a last reminder....tonight at midnight is the deadline to enter my giveaway on my selling blog. Till next time, have fun crafting!

Hugs, Libby


  1. Love them all, Libby! Particularly love the wall shelf and I can see the wire..great idea! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. Love all your boards but I'm crazy about anything w/stars in it!

    You've been a busy bee!

  3. Love everything but was wondering if you mind
    telling where you got the star hooks. Would
    love to get some. Kay

  4. Libby you are so creative! I love them all! hugs Kathy

  5. love what you have been working on..can't wait to see them up in action.:)

  6. libby ther is no end to your talant

  7. Awesome!!

    Love those cutting boards!!