Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy Day

Hi everyone, hope you've all enjoyed your day today and had fun crafting. I've been wanting to make some of those cute prim tea towels so have been busy today staining cheesecloth. I'll be making some from muslin and some on a nice heavy print I love. I've also been painting my stove board, (yippee for me)! Of course I'll share pics of it all once finished. While working today, I ran out of tarts so went to the bldg to get some extras. I was in a hurry and wanted something different so I grabbed some Lemon Cookie tarts. Oh boy am I glad I did! They smell soooooo mix of fresh baking lemon/sugar cookies! That is the best Lemon Cookie scent I've ever tried. The lemon isn't over powering and too strong as most are, and is mixed with just the right scent of a cookie. Makes me so hungry I'll have to make some tomorrow!

And, I wanted to add....those of you entering my first giveaway on my selling blog need to be a follower on that blog and leave a comment to be entered. I won't know you're wanting to be entered if you don't leave a comment. That's the only 2 requirements I have for the giveaway. Just wanted to make sure everyone understood that correctly and wasn't using this blog for that. Rusty Shed Crafts

What have you been crafting lately? Till next time, have fun crafting!

Hugs, Libby


  1. enter me please and I am also a follower...
    love it Libby xoxo

  2. Hi Libby, I am a follower of yours and love it. Please could you enter me in your great giveaway!! Thanks a bunch. Those tarts sound so yummy, that you would want to eat them up.

    I hope you can come by and check out my blog.

    Blessings friend,
    Hillcrest Home prims

  3. Diane & Tricia please become a follower on my selling blog to be entered in the giveaway. Then I'll copy your comments over there.

    Yes Tricia, that's exactly what I wanted to do LOL! I did check your blog this morning and LOVE your Spring decor! It's all so perfectly prim and love the way you display everything!

    Hugs, Libby