Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Faux Prim Hanging Tapers

It was so good to hear Kathy (motherbee) is back home from the hospital! She's very tired and needing lots of rest but that's to be expected. She's one tough lady for sure, I'd still be whining! Kathy we all wish you a very speedy recovery and sending lots of prayers your way with some big warm hugs!

Here is my latest project I've been working on, Faux Prim Hanging Tapers. We were talking about the long skinny black beeswax colonial tapers and was wondering if there was another option beside wax. I love playing with wax but there's some of the girls that don't do wax, some don't sew, and some don't care too much for the dough. Loving to experiment as I do I sat down and went to work with those things in mind. My end result, I created these no wax, no sew, no dough, handmade faux grungy tapers. These can be left grunged in spices or painted in your favorite colors. They're quick and easy to make and anyone can make them. I'm still playing with more techniques for these but as soon as I'm finished I'll make a complete tut with all the variations. I didn't have gold paint so had to suffice with the yellow. I'll also be making these in black, dk blue, and burgundy (that's barn red shown). These look adorable hanging but I don't yet have a taper hanger. That is definitely my next wood project!

I got that beautiful doily you see from my friend Rebecca of Rebecca's Creations. A very talented girl and I love her work! After making these faux tapers I got the hankering to play in wax and make some real ones, LOL! And here's some I finished this evening. The larger ones are 13" long and hand rolled, the smallest ones are 7" long and wick dipped multiple times. And since I was playing I scented them in my favorite scent, Cinnamon Spice!

(Over look that old plastic hanger on the counter as I told you I haven't made a taper hanger yet, LOL!) These were lots of fun to make, the wick dipped ones are time consuming but fun. I'll get into colors on these too. Till next time, have fun crafting!

Hugs, Libby


  1. Those are lovely, and those faux ones look SO real! You are a genius!

  2. oh libby i love them both and i need some of both i love browns and blacks where do i go to buy oh my and to think you made them because of me no one has ever done that for me before love ya libby you are one of the sweetest people i know mother

  3. Those faux ones look so real.... I would LOVE to see a tutorial on how you made them! I can't bring myself to spend $8.00 and up plus shipping on the real deal, and since I'm just hanging them anyway, these will work perfect!!!!


  4. Thanks Carmen! But no genius here, anyone could have created these. Hugs, Libby

    Thanks mother, you're 2 sweet yourself! And yes I made them especially because of you! If it weren't for you inquiring, I prob would have never tried to create them. You've shared sooo many of your wonderful creations with us all that's the least I could do. Prayers for a speedy recovery and warm hugs, love ya, Lib.

    Thanks C, and yes, all they do is hang for looks, LOL! Hold on and keep check cause I'm working on putting all the techniques together in a pdf file now. Hugs, Libby