Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Easy Prim Sheep!

I wanted to share with you a pic of a quick n easy sheep I made from a car washing mitt. Yes, you heard me right, a "car washing mitt." But let me say first, before you grab one and start your project, machine wash and dry the mitts, LOL! That gets rid of all the lint and fuzzies from them plus prepares them for staining. And they look more like real sheep wool after being laundered. I soaked mine in coffee stain mix then let air dry. Just use your imagination for yours to make how ever you like. Stuff it nice and full, even the cuff, so you'll have a nice face there. I got these $2 car washing mitts at the local Family Dollar about 2 yr ago especially for this purpose and just now putting it into action. But I think it turned out nice n easy!

Plain laundered mitt:

My first sheep, (I have lots of mitts, lol!):

Mine's face is stitched with button eyes:

Sorry about the pics but still having fits with the camera. Hopefully I'll find what's causing it today. Hope this gives you some neat ideas of your own! As always, have fun crafting!

Hugs Libby


  1. That sheep is too stinkin' cute! Oh my goodness! What a clever idea and one I hope to 'borrow'. LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

    Tanya~new blogger

  2. Thank you ladies!

    Yes Tanya please, that's why I post them. If you make one please post pic on your blog so we can come see! I love seeing others creations too. Off to visit your blog...

    Hugs, Libby

  3. Wow is that an awesome sheepie! If I can pry one of hubby's wash mitts from him, I will have to try this! Thanks so much1

  4. Hey Libby,

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I decided to follow you and I added you to my blog list.

    Can't wait to see more of your work!


  5. That is the cutest sheep...EVER! I just love it!

  6. Absolutely adorable! I want one!

  7. Oh how adorable and creative! Who would of thought to use a mitt!

  8. Thanks so much girls for all your wonderful comments! I truly appreciate them. I think the little guy turned out cute myself, giggles! I really love the way the mitts look after being laundered and then stained, and I know you will too. That's something you have to see up close, lol! I have the pattern for the ears/tail if anyone wants it, but of course I always encourge others to be creative and use what they like.

    Big warm hugs, Libby

  9. Love him!!! He turned out soo Prim Perfect!!!
    Very creative!!!

    The Prim Patch