Monday, January 25, 2010

Mini Shoo-Fly Boards

These mini shoo-fly cover boards are the perfect answer to those having limited display space in the kitchen or just needing a small filler. These are quick, easy to make, and perfect for your small pantry cakes! I found these unfinished wood shapes I had stashed back, purchased from Wal-Mart, and were a quick fix.  You can cut/make your own in any design and make a small handle or drill a hole for a hanger.  Spray paint, age/distress, and sealed them.  I just love the pantry cakes and shoo-fly covers on the stove boards....they look 2 darn cute!

There are tons of recipes for the pantry cakes on the net and you can find your own favorite. And for the mini shoo-fly covers, here's a tutorial by Susie of Yankee Lane Primitives - blog for those. I love her creations and she's a very crafty girl!

So get busy and see what you can create! As always, have fun crafting!
Hugs, Libby

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