Friday, January 22, 2010

Those Wonderful Cookie Cutters

Good morning to all! I just wanted to talk a little this morning about another handy use for those cookie cutters. You'll not find my cutters in the kitchen but in my craft room. I get all my cutters from H. O. Foose Tinsmithing Co and collected antique ones from ebay, flea markets, just anywhere I can find them. I love the metal cutters from Foose as they have a large variety, offer mini cutters, and have a kit to make your own which is really easy to use. (No, I'm not affiliated with Foose in any way, just LOVE their cutters!) The majority of their cutters are standard 3" size but also have other sizes including the 1" mini's. The antique cutters you'll find are mostly larger with very unique shapes and details. I love using those for making some cute holiday patterns. Simply trace the cutter, scan to your puter and enlarge slightly or to what ever size you desire. Those make some of the cutest patterns for ornies, bowl fillers, or tucks! Cutters are also great for starting off your own stitchery doodles. Trace the cutter then fill in around it with your doodles making your own stitchery design. I love the old biscuit cutters as well, especially the ones with the fluted edges which is what I've used in this project.....

To make these cute jar toppers for my jar candles I poured a cookie sheet pan of wax, allowed it to cool where it was slightly warm, then used the fluted edge biscuit cutter to cut my toppers. Next I used the mini 1" cutters from Foose to cut out the centers, then allowed the wax toppers to cool completely. The candle jar toppers are so cute and easy to make. Just size up the antique biscuit cutters to the jars you'll make the toppers for. Make sure the cutter won't be too large. (The antique biscuit cutters are various sizes.) From a large cookie sheet pan I cut about 6 toppers from the center of the wax. The outer edges of the wax in the pan set up and get hard faster than the center. I put that excess wax back in my pot for the next pour. This same technique can be used to make the mini 3" pie toppers! Simply place a wick in the 3" pie tin and fill with desired color/scented wax. Allow wax to cool but not completely before adding the topper. Those are cute, quick n easy to make and no need for expensive molds! You can also make your own "handmade/designed pie toppers" such as the white one shown in pic above, and the homemade pie shells. But those are two separate tutorials yet to be posted. Those wonderful cookie cutters have soooo many uses! And when they're too old and rusty for use, simply tie homespun on them for hanging ornies! Have a prim tree in your kitchen? Try using the rusted mini cutters on twine for a cookie cutter garland to hang on your tree. Use Valentine shape cutters spray painted in red, white, and pink for your Valentine's Day tree ornies. Do the same for other holidays so you'll have a set for each. Anytime you get stumped for new creations just take a look at those cookie cutters and I'm sure you'll get lots of wonderful ideas for other new creations! As always....have fun crafting!

Hugs to all, Libby 


  1. What a great idea! I have seen the molds to make those toppers and they are pricey, thanks so much for sharing this tip! I collect old cutters too, so many uses for them:)

  2. What a fabulous idea Libby! I have oodles of cookie cutters and am always looking for ideas in how to use them, so this is great.
    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful techniques and idea's. I so appreciate.

  3. This is a great idea! I love the look! Kathy from myprimplace