Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sharing The News, Needing Prayers....

I read the sad news last night on the forum that our sweet Kathy, (motherbee) is in the hospital. Said she was scheduled to have a stint on Monday but had another heart attack, so the doctors put it in last night. Said Kathy is alright, but very tired and sore. And she wanted to tell everyone that she loves you all so much, and hopes to be home soon so she can tell you all herself. Kathy is a sweetheart and has shared so many of her wonderful creations and even her awesome primitive home with us. I think everyone that meets her, rather online or in person, can't help but love her! Please remember to say a prayer for a speedy recovery for this very special lady! We love ya Kathy and hope you're back with us soon sweeties!

Hugs, Libby

1 comment:

  1. How sad! She has such a precious heart and is a joy! Many many prayers and well wishes from me to you Kathy! I'm sending Colorado hugs as well.
    Take the best care and I hope you feel all the love from your prim sisters!
    Blessings, Dawn